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Mars is the ruler of Aries. Mars moved into the sign of Aries on June 29, 2020 and it will remain in Aries, (going retrograde on September 9) until it moves into Taurus on January 7, 2021. We may have to get used to the energies of Mars in its own sign of Aries over this unusually lengthy extended prior of time.

Mars has been in Pisces, a rather passive placement from May 14 through until, as mentioned, June 29, 2020. Mars will manifest in a much more feisty fashion while in Aries. Mars is the god of war and is turbulence. Mars’ energies stimulate action and activity related to dynamic interchange. Mars is action oriented and does not work in gentle ways.

Aries is known as a self-starter and is concerned with its own primal needs. Those with strong unrestricted Aries in their charts often have a me-first attitude and Mars will push this need. This is not to say that strong Aries individuals are only out for themselves, as much will depend on their evolutionary state and in many cases they are there for others when others are afraid or are experiencing restriction with moving forward in life.

On a world scale, using Mundane Astrology, it will be interesting to see how this energy is unleashed in society. Riots and violence are associated with Mars’ energy. There is nothing subtle about its energies and we will have to watch for uprising and difficulty with people in positions of authority who have strong placements in their own Astrology charts as they will be influenced by this transit of Mars.

Mars does not take orders or direction well. Its influence gives orders, and its influence creates the need to dictate its own authority over those of a weaker nature. Evolution through aggression could be part of the profile as we go through this timeframe.

It is important to recognize that under this influence we have to have factors in our natal charts implicating the energies of Mars in Aries. Conjunctions, squares and oppositions work in ways that may not be overly pleasant, while trines and sextiles will ease things. Also, those that are passive in their nature and are infiltrated with this influence are more likely to be subject to aggressive behaviour than those individuals with a more even temperament or those with aggression strongly indicated in their natal charts. These latter individuals may become the aggressors we are speaking of.

If we learn to use the energies of Mars in a more harnessed manner and filter its energies in a more positive direction, we can do great work and make vast, fast moving changes that can be favourable for many, or at least those that use these energies appropriately or in some cases those that become swept away by its energies.

Mars in Aries can make things happen. This will not be the time to sit back and let things slide. While Mars is direct, we can use its energies in more positive ways than when in retrograde as its energies will not have full expression. Some things may be held up or issues may be present that interfere with plans while in retrograde motion. It is always best to move ahead when planets are in direct motion.

Using Mars’ energies appropriately, we can move mountains. Use Mars’ energies in a negative fashion and the ramifications may be (saying it mildly) “less than desirable”.

As always, we direct life by our attitude and actions speak much louder than words. Use this time wisely.

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