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We posted a rather turbulent rendition of Mars in Aries on July 17 and 24, 2020, and would now like to speak in terms of the transit of Mars in positive aspect (trine and sextile) during this same time frame which will last into January of 2021.

Before we begin with the positive transits of Mars we would just like to touch on the square between transiting Mars to transiting Pluto, especially while in retrograde as Mars moves from 28 degrees Aries in September down to 15 degrees and then becomes direct again in November, 2020. It will once again move through all these degrees (15-28) by early January of 2021. The strongest period will be from August to October which is when transiting Saturn comes within 3-4 degrees to conjunct Pluto, although not as intense as it was when they were conjunct one another from December 2019 to February 2020.

This would have been the most challenging time and we wrote about it in 2019 with the powerful alignment of transiting Pluto and Saturn. August to October,2020 could be the most aggressive periods for this more current activity and will be of a challenging nature affecting many of us on some level. This post is not meant to cause fear, only to bring things to light so we can prepare for this potential and use our knowledge and abilities to bring light into the world through positive alignment with our celestial bodies and their energy. We all have a part to play and together we can do wonderous things.

Now in regard to the trines and sextiles, anyone who has a natal planet in the fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius) within the framework of these degrees (roughly 15 to 28) will be experiencing the trine we speak of. Anyone who has planets (angles should be included in both aspects) either in Gemini, or Aquarius will have the sextile from Mars within the same degrees. You can allow an orb of up to 5 degrees.

Mars in positive aspect will enhance energies to allow you to push ahead with your objectives and the houses will define which areas of life are involved. There will be more drive to achieve and a strong belief in your own personal abilities (Mars in Aries). This is a time when you can advance a cause or something you have been working on for some time and bring it to the next level.

When Mars is in direct motion it works much better than when it is in retrograde. I would use the retrograde cycle to decipher how you want to move ahead and then make your move when it is direct again beginning November 14 when Mars will be at 15 degrees. As it passes over any point by transit making a trine (energy flow is free) or sextile (energy flow offers opportunities that can be taken advantage of), this will be a great time to forge ahead. Retrograde motion, as mentioned, is a time for planning.

Do not forget Mars in Aries really wants to push ahead perhaps too aggressively, and without proper forethought and planning your objectives may not reach full potential. So, take is slow and think things out before moving ahead.

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