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From April 6 to April 15 (2021) transiting Mars will be making a square to transiting Neptune. Their closest positioning will be at almost 22 degrees and Neptune will be in Pisces, while Mars will be in Gemini.

Mars in Gemini is quick, agile and explosive although often short lived.

Neptune in Pisces has to do with the psychic realm of life along with deception if poorly aspected and enlightening when favorably aspected. Much will depend on the aspects to this positioning in your natal chart and the houses which they are transiting through as well as the natal houses being affected.

The transit of these two planets is short lived although can be quite noticeable and assertive if not even forceful. Mars is about aggressive action and pushing ahead, and when in square, it may do so in rather impulsive ways and through determined action. The will to move through any adverse situation, if this is the case, will be met with a powerful force because the square although tedious and challenging will make its way through regardless of obstacles. The energy and desire to work through difficulties is part of the picture because the impediment is difficult enough and aggravating enough that we are forced to deal with it, or at the very least we should.

Neptune can be illusive and subtle in its energies, and when Neptune is being challenged, it does not deal with facts, especially cold hard facts very well. The tendency is to run and hide or not face up to what is in place. However, there is a strong spiritual connection when Neptune is in Pisces and the answer is often found through subconscious channels. Much can be observed through acts of meditation and dream evaluation.

In the birth chart, Mars square Neptune is a difficult placement and Mars can suggest challenges when it comes to pushing ahead with matters. There is a strong desire to avoid at almost any cost any challenging situations. Mars, however, pushes ahead and depending on which houses and signs are involved, Mars wants definition and clarity and wants the truth to be brought forward into the light. There can be an aggressive push to conquer any difficulties with psychic interpretation and mystical unfolding over time. Mars will insist that you see things clearly or its energies may intrude on any peace that you might want for yourself. Mars is aggressive and intentional.

Squares always suggest challenging situations and the need to work your way through any adversity. There are often stumbling blocks to success and hurtles to overcome but pushing forward is what Mars is known for.

When squares are used appropriately, they can foster great growth and overcome obstacles but not without a strong effort and the will to succeed. Neptune can make this difficult, but anything can be worked out, if you put your mind to it and be decisive.

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