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Mars transits quickly through the natal chart unless it is moving in its retrograde cycle. When it is moving in its direct motion, you can use an applying orb of 5 degrees and a separating orb of 2 degrees. When Mars sits directly on your planet or angle, this will be when its energies are the strongest.

Mars represents our drive and ambitions to push ahead in life, our ability to move through adversity and our ability to achieve what we set out to do. If you are naturally a relaxed individual, when Mars trines your natal Uranus, you may feel an invigorating push to speak your mind, to move ahead with your objectives and perhaps start something new.

Uranus will assist you if your objectives are to start something new or to move in a different direction. A trine between Mars and Uranus would be the time to advance, and you can do this with more confidence than you normally could. Because of this confident attitude, you have a greater chance of achieving what you set out to do. Mars will supply the necessary push and Uranus will offer opportunities. Perhaps the timing seems appropriate to push ahead and contrary to your normal shy exterior, which of course depends on the general character traits exhibited in the natal chart, you are likely to feel that you are more capable of achieving.

We are not suggesting that introverted individuals are unable to achieve easily in life as these individuals move ahead often with less notice from others. What they achieve can be just as profound as with anyone else, but they are quiet about it. Most extroverts will likely share their ideas with others and demand more attention. Much will depend, of course, on the overall implications contained in the birth chart.

This transit we are focusing on today can also be related to freedom of expression and the need to be heard, especially if the third house is somehow involved. Those experiencing this aspect may also take interest in what others have to say and to help them move beyond any type of complacency that they may be experiencing. However, it is important to recognize that some individuals do not take kindly to what might be considered intervention. This, however, should not stop anyone from offering their help if this is what is wanted. Reaching out may be just what the doctor ordered, and advice or push may be what is needed.

Quite often Mars combined with Uranus can act in unusual ways and in an unexpected manner. This push may not be expected, and this will be because of Uranus’s input with the drive of Mars. If we take the time to review what has been taking place in life or if we analyse the area of life we are considering changing, we may find that it has been calling for a change of direction or a new approach for some time now. Quite often what needs change has been letting us know for some time in some subtle form or another. If we are not making the appropriate change then Mars can create actions that are more impulsive and perhaps a little more aggressive in nature. The trine usually suggests that the transition is easy or gentler than let’s say the energies of a square or conjunction.

It might just be time to take steps under the influence of this aspect. Open the door and maybe, an opportunity waits for those that dare to go beyond traditional habits. Sometimes something new comes from an action taken that in the beginning may not look overly promising but under the influence of the trine, it is required, and expresses itself over time.

Do you have this aspect in your chart?

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