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In general, transiting Mercury moves quickly through the Zodiac. It moves through a single sign in about 3 weeks. When it goes retrograde, which occurs about 3 times a year, plans to sign agreements are best left until it goes direct (each retrograde cycle usually last about 4 to 5 weeks). Many fear the Mercury retrograde cycle but this cycle should be used as a preparation time so that we can move forward once Mercury turns direct again.

Mercury retrograde would be especially strong in an Astrology chart if it conjuncts, squares, or is in opposition to an angle or planet by less than three degrees and especially if Mercury is retrograde in the natal/birth chart.

When Mercury moves across the Midheaven, this would be a time when our profession or work holds particular importance. Perhaps this would be a time to prepare for upcoming events, or to make significant plans that will have an impact on you and/or others. When Mercury crosses the Midheaven, communication in any form is highlighted. It should be noted however that in general the energies of the Midheaven are not directly related to your personal life so whatever events may take place will not have an impact on your private life.

If Mercury is in retrograde, this should be a time when you review any upcoming details that need to be addressed for the near future. You can analyse this information and put the final touches on your plans so that all will be in perfect shape when the time is right to bringing this information or your proposals to those in a positions of authority or to those who will be affected by your plans. If you plan and set goals during the time that Mercury is in retrograde and decide to pursue these before Mercury has turned direct, the potential for these to come to fruition is not as favourable if you were to wait out the retrograde cycle and take action after Mercury has turned direct. This is not to say that you will not reach your goals but events may not run as smoothly as they would if Mercury were direct. On the other hand, however, if you are naturally drawn to procrastination then the retrograde period often suggests that you pursue things now. Which applies to you?

Mercury rules the thinking process and how the mind works. The Midheaven or MC deals with plans, our occupations, our life’s status, our ego and our public reputation. It is important to recognize which stage Mercury will be in when reviewing material that you want to make public. The activation of Mercury’s energies will be in effect much longer if it is in retrograde. Also, Mercury will pass the MC three times before it finally goes direct and passes out of influence of the Midheaven. Insure you use these energies to your benefit to aid reaching your goals particularly by timing action around the end of the retrograde cycle whenever possible. If life dictates that you cannot time action in accordance to the retrograde and direct cycles, move forward with caution but remain optimistic that you will succeed.

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