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On September 11, 2017, transiting Mercury will move into the sign of Virgo making a conjunction to the Sun for those born under the Sun sign of Virgo. Transiting Mercury moves rather quickly through the Zodiac and it will not be going into retrograde motion throughout its journey through Virgo this year. It moves into Libra on October 1, 2017 (moving approximately 1 ½ degrees each day).

Mercury is a very neutral planet and actually needs stimulation to become activated. Once active, it operates mainly on a mental level through acts of communication either through the written word or in conversation. It helps us when making important decisions and is associated with signing agreements. Mercury also has to do with everyday activities, and in general, how the mind relates to stimuli as well as how we express ourselves, verbally.

It is important to take into consideration other planets which either are transiting through the houses making connections to our Sun and/or natal Mercury and which angles they are making. As mentioned, Mercury is a neutral planet and will take up energies of any planet that it is touched by aspect. Also Mercury will take on the energies of a transit attached to your natal Mercury’s position in the birth chart. These are examples of how Mercury will become activated and how it shares its energies.

Getting back to the current Mercury conjunction with the Sun, in general, it is favourable unless there are other mitigating aspects that are also defining its position in the birth chart. If you have favourable aspects linked to this conjunction, you are able to effectively communicate your ideas clearly to others. If Neptune is involved in the equation, you may not be as clearly definable as you would be if it were not connected to Neptune.

With this aspect, your mental alertness is on track and you express yourself quite well. You also will have the ability to listen with clarity about what other people are expressing. The communication channels are open and dialogue is concise and clear. All forms of communication are enhanced during the aspect.

Mercury is also connected to learning and reading. You may want to take up a specific study at this time.

You may have to watch for over-analysing during this aspect. Remind yourself that nothing is perfect in its nature and you may have to settle with something less than perfect or at least what you might consider perfect.

Your analytical abilities are enhanced and although everything has to be in its proper place, you have the ability to rationalize situations and come up with viable conclusions during this 20 day period.

If Jupiter is somehow connected, higher learning during this aspect would be an area worth pursuing. Even if Jupiter is square to your Mercury, you can still work through any obstacles and make decisions based on a broader view of the information at hand.

Watch for becoming too nit-picky during this apsect and finding all the little flaws in anything life sends your way. You can be too discriminating with this influence.

If Pluto is part of the picture, fact finding would be right up your alley and deciphering material to its bare components might be an avenue worth pursuing. Pluto tends to dig to the core of issues and when involved in any form of study, investigative work would be favourable.

If Mercury is connected positively to the Midheaven, this could be a time when you can express your ideas clearly and define what you can do to help out situations within the occupation.

You should check which houses Mercury rules in your natal chart as well as the aspects coming from the chart for more detailed information. It is important to understand that even if Mercury is aspected poorly in your natal chart, over time you should have taken action (as this is part of your life lesson) to alleviate these conditions as you learn to work with your Natal Mercury, its energies and all of its components.

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