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We are continuing our look at Neptune aspecting Venus from our previous posts on July 25 and 27, 2016.

When transiting Neptune makes an aspect to Venus make sure your blinders are off. Keep them out of reach as you will be tempted to put them on. You can fall in love with love and dream about the perfect union with such great intensity that what you see may just be a creation of your imagination. You could be under the spell of love and fall for an individual that appears to be the perfect individual on a spiritual level. You may even idealize that person and feel very connected almost on some profound out-of-this-world level. Neptune tends to colour what is right there in front of us and can create an unrealistic approach to love.

When the aspect is a powerful one such as a conjunction, square or opposition, we may have a challenging time with our lover. We may wonder if this is love or not and may not see things clearly. It is best to wait until the transit as well as the progressed aspects are finished before we make any rash decisions. That perfect partner may not be who we think they are and on the flip side, the partner we are planning on leaving may be the perfect one for us. We need to put on our reality glasses before we do anything.

If Neptune goes retrograde over this period, there may have several times during the next year or so when these energies influence our lives. This can be a very tedious time and we will have to be patient to let the time pass so we can think under more clear conditions.

Enjoy the dreamy side of the connection and learn to decipher the difference between reality and fiction. Most of us can probably rely more on our intuition and spiritual insight and even our dreams, more so than trying to rationalize the situation at hand during this aspect.

The mystical side of life often reveals doorways that we had not experienced up until this time. Many find this a time of awakening in one way or another and if inclined towards the mystical side of things, this is the perfect time to let our imaginations run wild, but within reason. The potential to find the true meaning of love is quite possible during this transit or conjunction, but wait until the fog clears before you take the plunge into uncharted territory.

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