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Transiting Neptune Conjunct natal Ascendant

Transiting Neptune conjunct the Ascendant is a nebulous connection. If you were born with a Pisces Ascendant at 3-5 degrees, transiting Neptune has been playing havoc in your personal life. It has been within orb since about March, 2013 and will not be totally out of the orb of influence until January, 2016. You might, however, be getting some reprieve soon as Neptune finally goes direct at 4 degrees 47 minutes Pisces in November, 2014. It does go retrograde one more time in June, 2015 and then turns direct again in November, 2015, moving forward and continuing completely out of orb.

Transiting Neptune on the Ascendant is a place of delusion and often misconception when dealing with life matters that are directly related to you. This could be your marriage, life changes, physical transformation and in general, just getting to understand the true you. This is often a time of great inner-reflection and misguided intentions. This creates difficulty in seeing the real you and understanding your life and your mission. This is a time of self-searching when you have to go deep beneath the surface to figure things out.

It is best not to become overly concerned with trying to understand the workings of your psyche during this time frame, but it is almost impossible not to get lost in the search. Life may seem very illusionary and you may have gone through many facets of yourself trying to uncover more of what lies inside. The best guide during this time is the unconscious mind and potential self-understanding through mystical channels and meditation practice.

This can be a very delusional period with feelings of being lost or off track. Many turn to the spiritual paths to find enlightenment. There are other channels that can provide you with a deeper understanding of your life purpose, but it will not be found in mundane activities. Because of these deep seated questions, some will find that they have ongoing complications with their spouse or close relationships. You may have trouble seeing things clearly, and you make a different impression on others. Your greatest problem is that you could be faced with some deception and this can come from outside of self and inside as well.

Many become very idealistic during this time finding a sort of transcendent state of being where they feel very in touch with the mystical side of life. Some will actually find that place although it should be understood that it is a reflection of what is taking place within. Others can put life and its moments on a pedestal and then when the fog clears become disappointed with the actual results. Try not to expect too much of yourself and be sure to view yourself with as much clarity as possible.

Some have a need to help others during this time and to join in group endeavours where they can be of assistance to others such as hospital work and volunteer work, where they can work with the poor and disenchanted or take on a ministering role. Neptune is altruistic in its alluring nature and does often bring out the best in us. Holding on to this may be difficult as the light begins to shine clear, but you will learn something of importance about yourself that you can take with you, even if only on a more mild scale. You can be sure when Neptune has completed this transit that you will feel enlightened or disenchanted, but you will have learned a valuable lesson-- that being the power of the mind and its influence on you.

Using this ingrained life lesson, you can begin to mold a new life with some of these higher motivations. You may have experienced, during this time, feelings of being lost and then gaining ground in a spiritual connection. Most will experience both sides of the coin during Neptune’s transit. How will you be influenced during this time? Look at your Astrology chart. It will guide you.

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