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In Astrology when the Moon is involved, changes are common. When Neptune is part of the equation these changes can become quite tedious and troublesome, unless you are quite accurate in determining exactly how to handle them. Neptune tends to cloud things and when conjoined with the Moon not only can you expect change, although sometimes quite subtle, you can also expect these changes to be emotional in nature.

This transit can be considered psychic in nature and has the potential to inspire psychic abilities that may have been dormant for some time. Now may be the time for them to surface unless the Moon or transiting Neptune is in the twelfth house, as sometimes the twelfth suggests hidden matters. The twelfth can also suggest psychic abilities coming to the surface and you may be fighting to keep these abilities buried. Watch for becoming confused or disoriented during this phase, as much that occurs may stem from the unconscious.

Watch for confusion with the emotions, as you may interpret feelings in one manner when it fact they are actually coming from a completely different direction. Seeing things clearly is a challenge when it comes to Neptune although insight is also quite possible, as well as the potential to find solutions in the dream state. You could actually programme your dreams now and analyse them with more precision than you could at other times.

Since Neptune also relates to your ideals and the things that might fascinate you, it is important especially if the fifth or seventh houses are involved to make sure you are not falling in love with an ideal rather than seeing a potential romantic partner as they truly are. You could fall deeply in love at this time and your emotions might run away with you. It is advised that once the fog clears that you have another look (when the conjunction has passed).

Sometimes people can become hesitant, even unwilling to deal with cold hard facts during this conjunction. They may be so caught up in the emotion of it energies that they push passed any adversity that might otherwise be a warning signal. On the other hand, you might just have found your prince or princess charming. Do not be afraid to ask others for their opinions, before you jump in head over heels. An unemotional opinion may be helpful. Keep one foot in the real world during this transit and this can be difficult.

Make sure you check the house position of this connection to decipher which area of life will be involved and also have a look at the natal position of Neptune in your chart as this will provide additional details about what energies are available. You should also look at how the Moon and Neptune are aspected in your birth chart, by other planets and positions and especially if they contact each other and what the contact is. This plays a big part in defining how things might materialize during this aspect.

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