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The aspect of transiting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn can be a trying one. These two planets do not sit well with one another. Saturn likes a solid touch of the “real” while Neptune tends to gravitate towards the illusive. Transiting Neptune often utilizes a veil of uncertainty as it moves through our chart and when contacting Saturn not only are things often confusing but now life can become somewhat disheartening and unclear. You may not know which way to turn or what direction to follow. You may feel lost in your life’s direction and unfocused. As you try to make your way through any challenging conditions, the outcome seems tentative at best.

Saturn works best when there is clarity and certainty and when under Neptune’s energy, you may find that life can be disruptive and disappointing as you try to ascertain which end is up. Your whole view of your world can be scrambled and because of this, you may feel a lack of self-confidence or have feelings of despair for no apparent reason. Remember Neptune often works from the subconscious and much of what goes on is beneath the surface of rational thought. Rational thought is Saturn domain. As you can see, these planets do not work well together.

On the other side of this transit, Neptune does create inspiration and Saturn will not bow to anything that is anything but fact. So if by chance you do come to the realization of something mystical or spiritual, you just might be able to carry this new knowledge from this point forward. Neptune although rather illusive in its nature is the key to unlocking the mystical side of life and although Saturn will vigorously challenge these perceptions, it will also verify its authenticity when based on a solid foundation.

During this relatively long stay of Neptune with Saturn, (Neptune moves about 1 degree a year and the effects can be felt as much as 3-5 degrees approaching and 2 degrees separating) you may discover that your perception of reality will certainly go through changes. Any concepts that you have held on to from the past are now subject to scrutiny and your ideas are now being examined under the microscope. You may now let go of long held beliefs and find something more fulfilling and suitable to you but these will be based on fact due to Saturn’s influence.

Waiting for the fog of this aspect to clear is a good idea but since this aspect can last several years, you may have to find out things more slowly and patiently and come to conclusions as time passes. Neptune does colour your life during this period, but any answers that you do come up with can alter your life and your perceptions from this day forward.

To have a better understanding of what areas of life will be under these influences, check to see which house in your chart is being transited, as well as the house where Neptune is located in within your birth chart. This will reveal what areas are being influenced under these powerful energies. If you were to look at the aspects of Saturn in your natal chart as well as Neptune and particularly if they are in aspect with one another in the birth chart, you will have an idea of how these energies will manifest.

Be ready for a few challenging conditions and make sure you do not slip into feelings of panic and confusion. The answers will slowly reveal themselves and a new and healthy outlook can be anticipated as this transit nears its end and the veil is lifted. Enjoy this magical transit as it challenges your perceptions of truth and you will grow spiritually as time progresses.

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