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When this post was written in March, 2022, t. Neptune is in Pisces at 22/23 degrees. Those individuals with their North Node in the later degrees of Pisces will experience this transit at some point. You can give yourself an approaching orb of up to 3 degrees and a separating orb of 2 degrees. Some with a greater degree of sensitivity can feel these effects even earlier and lasting a bit longer. Those that were born late in 1950 and in and around January to May of 1988, as well as those born from September to December of 2006 will all be experiencing this conjunction in their birth charts.

Each individual due to their age and the house position of their NN will experience this a little different. If you were to have a look at your Natal (Birth) Chart and you pinpoint Neptune’s and the NN’s locations, they will indicate what area of life is affected. This is where your future (which is the primary focus of the NN) begins to unfold. This could be termed a “date” with “your calling” in life and will be a critical turning point in your life’s mission.

The NN in Pisces deals with awakening your spirituality and adhering to the higher principles in life, which in many cases would suggest following a path of enlightenment. It ventures to find a creative outlet through several different channels which is found within the house position of your NN. You will be pushed in this direction through a spiritual lifestyle or following your objective.

During the linking of the energies of Neptune and your NN through transit, the objective is to permit life to happen, without interference, and to let go of any anticipation that you have hold for your future. In other words, let life lead the way without restriction by you and have the faith to move with life, rather than trying to control life’s situation at hand.

You may be drawn towards what it is you have always wanted to do with your life, if you are clear on what that may be. For some because of Neptune’s ability to create fantasy or to cloud matters, they may find themselves lost with no clear direction. For others who are clear on their chosen path, this is a time of detachment from the mundane world and a time of financial liberation. The true objective with this placement is to move away from the material world and find your calling in the higher realms of existence and make a spiritual connection.

Open the door and allow true vision to enter your void. This vision has been waiting to accelerate into action throughout your life and the time is now. This is a turning point where your true life’s calling becomes activated, and you move into this new direction without the need to know the outcome or your future. You just move forward with the faith that life is taking you in the direction that you are supposed to go.

This position of Neptune will not happen again in your lifetime, and if you feel confused or lost with what direction you should take, pay careful attention to what is taking place in your life and your intuition will push you in the correct direction. Your journey in this life with the NN in Pisces is one which is very special with a spiritual connection and if you open the door to this avenue of expression, life will begin to unfold. You will eventually have a much clearer picture of what it is you should be doing with your life. For now, take advantage and pay attention to what life is trying to tell you and open the door to see where it takes you. Enjoy your adventure.

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