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This post will be for those with their Descendant (DC) between 4 degrees to 22 degrees Pisces and their Ascendant (ASC) in Virgo at these same degrees. We will be speaking about the conjunction to the DC and the opposition to the ASC by Neptune. This is a forecast for 2017 for those with these positions in their natal chart.

Neptune’s energies can have a mysterious quality to them. They have a tendency to be subtle and vague yet inspirational and mystical. Neptune can have a tendency to dilute life’s experiences and when connected to the seventh house or the DC, relationships can either be foggy or idealistic. There is usually not too much in between.

You may be wondering where you are going with a new found romantic involvement. The individual involved will be intriguing and certainly have you guessing as to where this relationship will lead. Can it lead to marriage? Will it be profound and magical? It certainly can have these qualities. Watch, however, for putting the relationship on a pedestal and make sure you see it for what it truly is.

In an existing relationship, the potential for some confusion within this union is heighten. The same unclear issues can be part of this scenario. You may have been married for some time and all of a sudden you are not sure where you stand. It might be best to wait until the fog clears or ask other people’s opinion before you do anything irrational. If the relationship needs some attending too, this would normally be a time when you could seek counselling. This will be a period for a strong potential for misunderstandings even with counsellors. It is best to wait until the aspect is no longer in effect.

With the opposition, you may not be sure of life’s direction. This could include your work, your relationship and your family. You may even be questioning who you are or who you are becoming. You may feel somewhat lost. Confusion is commonplace. On the other hand, your life may seem to be almost magical in that the spiritual side of life is being revealed to you. No matter how you see your life during this aspect, you will spend a great amount of time trying to decipher what is going on. There is a part of you that says that you should stop questioning what is taking place and accept these mystic experiences brought on by Neptune.

This can be a mysterious time when insight and clear vision is possible and at the same time, some confusion about the whole process. Neptune wants you to have faith in the process and to allow the energies to move through you. With the influence of the energies from a Virgo Ascendant, you might want to tear apart everything that happens to you and look for deeper meaning. This is not a bad idea, because you do need to keep at least one foot on the ground.

Watch other people taking advantage of your caring nature at this time as you will be drawn to help the underdog. You may really feel the need to help and people that do not use boundaries may take what they can from you and abuse your kindness.

After you spend time analysing the situation, ask your close friends what their opinions might be and then make a decision. Sometimes an opinion from someone not emotionally involved will provide a wealth of knowledge.

Do not be overly critical of what you see but be on your guard. Things may not look as they truly are. This is a time to careful scrutinize life events and the people involved in them.

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