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Transiting Neptune Conjunct the Midheaven in Astrology

If you have your Midheaven in Pisces in the early degrees, (2-9 degrees) you have had transiting Neptune influencing your Midheaven ( also known as the MC) for approximately 2 years. I am sure you will have experienced notable effects on your occupation, your status in life, as well as some of the goals you may have set for yourself during this period.

Check to see how Neptune and the MC are influenced by other planetary links in your natal chart to evaluate their overall condition. If Neptune is generally well placed in the birth chart, this period might express itself in very positive ways, although probably somewhat cloudy or unclear. You might even be experiencing some psychic inspirations or enlightening dreams and visions. It might be a time of inspiration and the emergence of latent artistic abilities.

Neptune might have a tendency to cloud over areas of life defined by the Midheaven and will often make things very unclear and decision making can be tough. It is as though you are not sure of where you are going and might be afraid of making the wrong moves or wrong choices. Neptune is a mysterious planet and it is linked to such subjects as psychic intuitive perception, religious inclinations, martyr type tendencies and inspiration among other things.

If your judgement is clouded right now, your Midheaven is probably within these degrees. Some very receptive individuals can feel its approach as far away as 5-6 degrees but commonly you will feel its vibrations although very subtle about 2 degrees approaching and it will continue to be in the orb of influence for about 2-3 degrees once past direct.

The working environment is usually the highlighted area of life for most individuals when the MC is activated. You are unwise to decide on a course of action regarding your occupation during Neptune’s influence. It is far better to wait until it has passed completely before making any rash decisions. If you have made some moves, you will only discover what the reality of these moves are when Neptune’s energy no longer has influence.

Some people get married when the MC is activated and especially when it is connected to the Ascendant or any planets in the seventh house. These marriages are usually felt like a match made in heaven and this could most certainly be the case. However, if you find your partner is a little bit different and not actually that individual you had placed on the pedestal previously, you should not be too surprised. Although the truth of the matter is that if someone does decide to marry under this influence it is quite often a special union regardless of how they view one another. There is something spiritual about the whole experience; it is pure and unfiltered. It just might be one of those special moments.

Enjoy this Neptunian transit with all its glitter and be open to anything mystical and inspirational that might come your way. Just make sure you have at least one foot firmly planted on the ground. Reality can be transcendent during Neptune’s visit. One thing is for certain, you will neither forget the experience of Neptune’s magic nor the feelings of light entering your life--that is if you are one of those that are so inclined.

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