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Transiting Neptune Conjunct the Natal Sun

Transiting Neptune conjunct the natal Sun deflates the ego and enhances the mystical qualities inherent in individuals that lean in this direction. Those that are so inclined will find that when this transit contacts their Sun, the psychic and intuitive qualities are heightened and often brought to the surface, especially if you have Pisces on the Ascendant and the Sun in the first house natally. Neptune is very selfless and encourages unselfish acts and self-sacrifice for the general good.

Any type of charity work that takes place when this aspect is in force will be highlighted and working under such conditions can be very absorbing and encouraging. Working behind the scenes such as working in hospitals or with people in-need will provide the recipient of this transit a feeling of comfort and inspiration. Any kind of selfless acts are well designed for this conjunction, but one must watch for becoming a Martyr for the cause.

This martyr role is often the case with this selfless and illusive energy linked to Neptune. We can become caught up in the act of giving and may forget about our own needs. This can be the nature of Neptune as it tends to offer itself in ways of assistance and asks for nothing in return. Some may be taken advantage of because of their giving qualities, as there are some that will take advantage of the nature which surfaces during these Neptunian times.

If Neptune or the Sun are poorly aspected in the Natal chart, there is a danger of slipping away and loosing oneself during this transit. We can become lost within, having vague dreams and misconceptions about the nature of reality and who we are. Neptune colours things and can make our identity vague during its conjunction and can also promote the need for escaping the harsh realities that we may encounter during its visit.

It can hide our true selves especially if the Sun or Neptune is located in the twelfth house. There is a danger of an addictive nature surfacing if we are so inclined previous to this energy being released. There is also a danger with prescription drugs or alcohol and the need to escape life on some level if these planets are poorly placed or aspected in the birth chart or if there are other inclinations within the framework of our chart.

One side effect during the transit of Neptune to the natal Sun is one of idealism. It is important that all idealism has a focus in reality. We can deceive yourselves as well as others during this time and it is suggested that we live according to our highest standards and not allow ourselves to be mislead others. We may also feel physically drained during this transit or psychologically impaired. This can lead to disillusionment or negative reactions to life. Depression can be a side effect. It is best to push ourselves into positive avenues of expression and allow the true altruistic nature of Neptune to take hold. We must allow ourselves to be led by the subconscious.

This can be an amazing transit if well-handled and we may never look at life the way we did before this transit again. It can open doors to perception and mystical doorways that were otherwise closed before the energy of Neptune moved into our Charts. We should utilize this time and study ourselves and our motivations and see where this transit can take us.

Neptune has been hovering around the 1-7 degree mark of Pisces since early 2012. It has been moving in and out of retrograde for this whole period and finally moved into direct motion in November of 2014. It is still in the 6-7 degree of Pisces but will continue its motion forward until June of 2015. During this time (June 2015) it is almost at 10 degrees of Pisces and will once again move back into retrograde motion but will not go below the 7 degree mark again. If you have your Sun at the 7-11 degree mark of Pisces this post applies to you now. It will also resonate but the timing is different for people who have an earlier Sun sign degree. For those that have a later Sun sign degree in Pisces, it will take a little longer for this transit to reveal itself to you.

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