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When transiting Neptune makes an opposition to your natal Mercury, it might be time to re-evaluate your thinking. Oppositions can be quite challenging and often involve other people being part of the energy.

Neptune while in challenging aspect often speaks of the need for clarity and seeing things as they truly are. This involves not allowing the imagination to run away with things. You might want to ask for others’ (trusted individuals) opinions as they may see things clearer than you at the moment.

Because Mercury has to do with reasoning and your mental agility and Neptune tends to fogy our interpretation at this time, you will want to rationalize the situation and try to make sense of what is transpiring. If you happen to have Saturn conjunct Mercury in the natal chart or in favourable aspect through transit this will help. Saturn brings clarity and assists in seeing beyond the veil of uncertainty from Neptune.

Do not be led astray by others and if this is a love situation make sure that you are not putting the other person on a pedestal as you might be disappointed once the fog lifts. Others can take advantage of your receptive energy at this time. They may be thinking of their needs and sway you by their charm.

Your intuition (not your heart) can be valuable at this time. You would do better to go with your gut rather than your mind. Intuition and psychic perception run stronger when T Neptune is involved even when it is in challenging aspect. Neptune, however, will color your imagination so be sure that what you feel is accurate and not some fantasy that you have made up in your mind. Sometimes professional guidance is what is needed.

This will be a learning period. You will need to adapt to what is real and in front of you rather than what we might wish to be there. Lessons come in all shapes and sizes. When the energy of this aspect passes some 2-3° past being direct, you can re-assess and know in a clearer manner which road to take. This energy is only temporary. Review your chart to calculate how long it might last.

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