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If transiting Neptune is in opposition (180 degrees) to your Venus, your natal Venus will be In Virgo around the time of sharing this post. Venus in Virgo can be overly analytical and potentially critical when it comes to love and affection. Rather than spending time recognizing the positive qualities linked to their lover, they may spend too much time thinking about what is missing or what is wrong with the relationship. This can create problems and the partner in the relationship may feel as though they are never doing enough or never meeting your expectations. Venus in Virgo is often looking for the perfect mate, an idealized individual. These individuals may even place their lover on a pedestal of very high standards and expect characteristics that very few people are capable of having.

I acknowledge that I am spending some time referring to the more negative manifestations of Venus in Virgo because we are about to discuss the opposition to Neptune. Neptune may put that partner on a pedestal and you may over idealize their true potential. What is possible within the relationship may be coloured by what you imagine the relationship could/should be. Seeing things as they are may be something that you are not willing to undertake. Often the real characteristics of this person are revealed after the transit has run its course.

This is not to say that the perfect lover cannot be found during this opposition, but the possibilities are not overly promising. It is rare to meet that perfect individual or it is rare that your current lover or husband is perfect. We must remind ourselves that we, including our partners, are human. Seeing this individual in their true light is what is required during this aspect and recognize that everyone has flaws and no one is perfect. If you look at this relationship with clear vision, you are less likely to become saddened or disappointed when the visual or mental perceptions created by this aspect have cleared.

Your expectations may be unrealistic or the other person’s expectations may be too high. These expectations do not have to come from you. Although, because of you have Venus in Virgo, the potential is higher that it is you that feels these things and not your partner.

You may be finding that the real world has become rather boring and has nothing to offer in an enlightening manner. Now there is a possibility that someone may come into your life that offers some light and helps you through these feelings.

With this aspect, sometimes communication is not overly clear with your lover. Sometimes hidden motives are part of the equation. It is best to be on your guard and not be lead astray because of your imagination and clouded visions during this period. It is always best to take a realistic view of things and even ask others what their perception of the situation might be. They will see things a little clearer than what you might during this aspect.

Another outlet for this opposition would be your creativity, and you may find that others seem to push you in directions that appeal to this creativity. The creative experience can be linked to all kinds of inspired endeavours, and it is actually a good time to explore any new avenues of expression during this time. Your imagination is expanded now, and you might be surprised at your innovative potential.

Make a marked choice to go into things without any expectations during this aspect if this is possible. Be open and see where things take you. Over time, all that we have referred to will become clearer, and you will know where you stand. Imagination is a great thing when it works with you but can be misleading and you might be led astray by it.

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