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When Neptune transits the natal chart, it is important that we see things as they are, not as we wish them to be.

Neptune tends to colour our view and often puts a haze or a veil on situations. The saying “Seeing through rose-colored glasses” fits this situation perfectly as, under this influence, we tend to put people or life’s conditions high on a pedestal.

It can become disheartening when the veil is lifted, and we finally see things as they actually are. Much, of course, will depend on the aspects that transiting Neptune is making to other natal planets, the planets involved and the houses they are located in within the Astrology chart. The house Neptune is transiting through will also be of utmost importance as this is reflective of the area of life which is involved. With today’s focus of Neptune Quincunx (150 degrees) the Sun, you would also want to take into consideration the Sun’s placement by house position in your personal chart.

The Sun has to do with our life’s goals, ambitions and our ability to succeed in life. It helps us find our path, controls our destiny, deals with our vitality, and sometimes refers to the father or important masculine or dominant people in our lives.

When Neptune is in transit to our Sun by quincunx, also known as inconjunct, it often speaks of a time when we need to or should make some alterations or adjustments to our plans. Neptune can make us a little dreamy concerning what it is we want to manifest in our life. The quincunx aspect has also been linked to health concerns but there must be other factors pointing in the same direction in the chart for this to have any influence.

Sometimes these adjustments are rather subtle, and we do not have to do too much in order to get on track. Other times, this is not the case. We may have been fooling ourselves for some time. This can suggest that it is time for a reality check although at other times we can get inspirational assistance once we begin to make alterations and accept what is in front of us. We might want to go to outside sources for further guidance on what it is we are doing or what it is we believe is happening.

Much will depend on the house transiting Neptune is moving through. Neptune moves slowly and will spend many years in one house. This area of life will become activated when Neptune transits other natal positions.

We will also need to see where natal Neptune is located in the chart as this provides further information as to what areas of life are involved and how things might unfold. The natal aspects to Neptune will also provide information that might assist with understanding what is taking place under this aspect.

If transiting Neptune makes favorable aspects to other natal positions, this can be a time of great revelation and intuitive insight. The psychic realms can become more intriguing, and you should pursue these expressions and delve deeper to get an understanding of what this might mean for you. Neptune is a mystical planet and offers insight into the psychic realm.

You can allow an orb of influence of 5-7 degrees approaching, and as it nears exactitude, the energies will strengthen. The energies begin to fade as Neptune passes out of orb after being direct by 2 degrees of separation. If Neptune moves into retrograde during this time frame, it can have several passes over the same degree and be quite influential. The first exact pass, however, is usually the most powerful.

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