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This aspect between Neptune and Jupiter is currently in alignment and will be until late November of 2020. It will be particularly strong from mid July to mid August and then again from mid September until almost the end of October. Those with Jupiter in either Capricorn or Taurus in their natal chart will also be experiencing this sextile and those with Jupiter in Capricorn will also be experiencing the Jupiter return within a one-year period.

Neptune well aspected can bring intuitive insight, inspiration, and unlimited self-denial in egoic terms. It is a giving planet often with a bit of a saviour complex or victim mentality depending on the type of aspect involved. We are speaking of the sextile aspect in this post, which is a beneficial astrological aspect often producing opportunities to advance a cause especially when Neptune is involved with Jupiter.

Neptune is linked to the psychic realm and often produces prophetic visions, clear and concise dream evaluation and insight on a large scale when operating in positive terms. As mentioned, Neptune is egoless and highly attuned to those in need or victims of some sort or another. It is service oriented and wants to merge with the greater concept of oneness and alignment. It understands the true story of life when operating in positive terms. When in misalignment, it signifies much confusion and dismay and reality can be hindered and unclear.

Jupiter is about higher learning through such channels as religion (although not necessarily orthodox), life’s philosophies, and sometimes is linked to travel. Jupiter is about expansion and often produces events that are not only significant but also highly inspirational and opportunistic. Good luck bestows this planet and fortunate conditions are present. Jupiter often signifies good luck and fortunate conditions, and growth on many levels is often part of the process.

When the alignment of Jupiter and Neptune is at hand it can enhance spiritual enlightenment and build on visions for the betterment of mankind through mystical unfolding. If we learn to go beneath the surface, we will recognize that all matters have a silver lining and the lessons taught through adversity are often the ones most noteworthy.

If these planets link up to any planet in your chart especially around the 20 degree mark you can expect changes and perhaps some clarity through insight on what is taking place in our world and on a personal level. Those that are so attuned will have been learning the valuable lessons at hand beforehand and will be spreading the word to those that are ready for this uplifting message and who are willing to take that next step. The next step is extremely relevant and different for everyone, but it is at our doorstep if we choose to take advantage of the energies at hand.

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