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If transiting Neptune is making a sextile to your natal Sun currently, your Sun will be either in Capricorn or Taurus.

Both of these signs are earth signs and often related to achievement in physical terms or achievement of goals that are important to you when in connection to the Sun’s energies. Both of these signs are trying to create some kind of stabilizing agent and neither like change.

Neptune is not tied to material gain but can open doors to gaining insight into the deeper regions of the psyche. The Sun is also tied to who we are on a deep and personal level, unlike the Ascendant which is our outer expression. The Sun is our inner self.

Neptune also seeks alignment with our higher self and our true identity. With this information we can see that the potential to seek out more of our inner core identity could be at hand if we have this aspect in our chart.

Neptune is also related to our spiritual connection more than any other planet transiting through our birth chart although Uranus and Pluto can most certainly have an impact in transforming self through inner reflection and through new experiences and change. Due to the influence of Neptune which has to do with psychic revelations and intuitive insight, many individuals on the spiritual path will find this period enlightening. Check the timing when the sextile will apply to the natal Sun’s position in your personal chart.

Because both signs related to the natal position of the Sun are earth signs and associated with concrete form and realistic interpretation, much of this energy will go through channels that will attempt to validate what is being transferred through unconscious means. Neptune does tend to work best through the subconscious and will often foster growth through mystical paths and subtle energies.

The influences and their results may not be evident until once the conscious mind has time to filter through life’s experience and find what could be considered rational insight, but which may also be hard to recognize.

Sextiles speak of opportunities and these apparent prospects will likely come through in a slow methodical manner and as mentioned, take some time to become obvious and clear. Neptune can create a foggy vision and may also produce a vail of uncertainty due to the influx of attempted concentrated rational processing.

Much will depend on the planet Mercury in the natal chart. Mercury deals directly with the thinking process and anyone with Mercury in either a water sign or water house may find this process of psychic interpretation easier and more fluent in its expression.

Make the best of the potential energies offered through insight and revelation over this period and most importantly make sure that after careful and needed forethought, you believe what is in front of you. The rational mind may interfere with the insight and flow coming through from Neptunian frequencies.

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