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This post can be applied to a natal chart, a solar chart as well as a progressed chart. We will, however, primarily speak of this transit from Neptune to natal Venus.

Neptune is often reactive in our charts and adds elusiveness, mystery and inspiration to everything it touches.

Neptune’s interaction with planets and angles in our chart is quite dependant on what type of aspect is forming. The challenging aspects (square, opposition and sometimes conjunction) can have a sense of evasiveness and illusion and a general feeling of vagueness and cloudiness in the area of life involved (house positions).

The more easy flow and favorable aspects (trine, sextile and sometimes conjunction) can be quite different. The trine and sextile are considered advantageous and often speak of easy flow and favourable outcomes, particularly the trine. The sextile often speaks of an opportunity being offered which we can either take advantage of or sit back and do nothing with the energies. Both aspects often need a motivating factor (found in the birth chart) which pushes us ahead and hopefully we will take advantage of the situation. Some sextiles suggest that things fall in our lap, while others suggest that we need to apply ourselves to use these energies for our benefit.

Venus often speaks of love and affection but can also be related to the finances as well as social activities. Much will depend on where Venus is located in the birth chart and how it is being aspected by other planets either by transit or natally.

A well aspected Venus in the fifth house, for example, tied in with a sextile from Neptune can point towards a romantic liaison and a feeling of falling in love with an idealized lover. In many cases an aspect between Neptune and Venus brings up a red flag of uncertainty, but the sextile as mentioned is quite favourable and often suggests an opportunity that should be taken advantage of.

There may be a spiritual connection or psychic indicators connected to this sextile of Venus and Neptune with a feeling of illumination and spiritual insight attached to the union. This can work out to be a deep-seated love affair leading to a very strong connection.

Continuing along with the fifth house example, the children are also part of what the fifth house speaks of and this love connection may be part of their experience. Sometimes Venus speaks of a young feminine individual and this could be a child or young woman who comes into the picture. In either case, romantic involvement is highlighted and can also be quite magical.

If this were not a favourable aspect, caution is advised with this connection as you may not be seeing thing (the person, relations, etc) clearly.

If this aspect is speaking of finances, because Venus is involved, check the second house matters to get more insight, although the fifth house does speak of speculation and gambling. This is not to say that gambling or speculation is advisable or not, but any type of gamble has its potential positive and negative influences. I would suggest that if you are taking this route, weigh out everything before plunging in.

Interaction with people of a spiritual nature might also be part of this connection. Becoming involved with groups associated with spirituality and the mystical side of life especially if the eleventh house is involved might also become dreamlike.

The possibilities are endless.

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