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Transiting Neptune Square Mercury

Neptune often has a spiritual link while transiting through the chart. It can also be quite illusive and can create illusionary thoughts and perceptions when in line with Mercury, particularly when making a square aspect. Again, as mentioned, however, it often has some type of link to spirituality and this is particularly so if it is in the sign of Pisces.

If you are currently experiencing the transit we are focusing on today (Transiting Neptune square natal Mercury) in your personal Astrology chart be sure to have a look at the overall condition of the other transits and progressions before coming to a conclusion on this aspect. Remember to check the house position of transiting Neptune, the house position of natal Mercury and also the house position of natal Neptune and the aspects to it. This will provide you with a full interpretation of what might unfold while Neptune is activated.

The energies of a square between Neptune and Mercury often point towards a misunderstanding or an inability to communicate clearly. Your verbal expression and communicative skills will not be clear and others may have a difficult time understanding what it is you are trying to convey. If your conversation is about intuitive and psychic experiences, however, or if you are looking for information in these areas, you will be able to find quality information. Your inner, intuitive self might understand the material better than your conscious self at this time. Even if the conscious self does not understand what is being presented, the information will be retained and perhaps when needed, will resurface and provide you with some needed insight or guidance.

It is best to hold off on decisions of significant matters while experiencing the influence of this aspect, such as signing documents, purchasing property or being involved with anything legal, if at all possible. Neptune is more concerned with spiritual matters and the mundane world around you may not hold your interest or this lack of interest can cause issues later. Under this influence, your mind may shift or you may lose track or spend time worrying about making the right decisions.

It is advisable to reach out for help from someone you trust before signing any documents if you are obligated to do so and even under these conditions, there is still the chance that there can be mistakes made. Often times, we tend to worry too much about issues that in reality are not even significant.

There is the potential of being deceived by others. As a result, be careful with whom you express yourself to and whom you place your trust in.

The mind tends to be unclear and may wonder, worry and experience fear with issues that have simply been blown out of proportion. You would do well to wait for the fog to clear. Clear sight and understanding will afford you the ability to handle things with an insight into what is actually taking place.

Under harsh conditions especially if Uranus or Pluto are somehow part of the equation, you may need outside assistance as transformations and changes of an unusual sort might be part of the process and this will make things even more unclear.

Professional help is suggested particularly if the twelfth house is involved or possibly the eighth house, although the eighth may be linked closer to the occult teaching and also joint finances or matters connected with legacies or inheritances.

Be sure to have the full picture and do not allow yourself to be deceived by what appears to be truth. Sometimes truth can be camouflaged or hidden in some way.

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