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If your natal Moon is in either Gemini or Sagittarius transiting Neptune will be squaring this lunar position between 4 and 18 degrees. Squares usually signify challenging conditions and when it touches the Moon, these challenges will be emotional in nature. The Moon can also speak in terms of family and the home environment. Because the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, the potential for being able to adapt and change to these conditions is stronger than if these signs were fixed or cardinal. All mutable signs are able to bend with the current of life and make alterations to suit the changing conditions often brought on by the Moon.

Since the energies of Neptune are the influencing tide of conditions current during this period (which can last the whole year if you have your Moon in these degrees), you may have difficulty understanding your emotions during this aspect and Neptune will be what is influencing the way you feel during this time. You will strongly be influenced by any emotional experiences over this period and you may even take on the emotions of those around you. It will be important for you to step back and examine why you feel the way you do during this aspect so that you can find ways to alleviate or at least understand the emotions you are experiencing.

Your emotions are on high alert. Your sensitivity and intuition is enhanced and at times subject to unreliable feedback. Neptune has a tendency to colour events and it makes things rather cloudy, allowing your fertile imagination to have influence over how you see what is taking place in your life. Those that have active minds will find it hard to rationalize events because of the emotional impact of these energies. There will come a time after the transit has lost its influence that you will be able to make sense of what all has taken place. As long as these energies are tied together, it will be challenging.

If you can find ways to allow the pure energies of Neptune’s influence to expand your consciousness, (which is also quite possible although usually not until you have gone through some trying conditions), you may find that your intuition can be reliable. Try to feel these conditions rather than rationalize them. Go by gut instinct and hunches. These may provide you with clearer insight than trying to mentally make sense of it all.

You will undoubtedly feel intense ups and downs during this period, but it is important to remember that the greatest lessons in life come from tumultuous conditions. You will more than likely understand your “feeling nature” in much greater detail and not be led so easily astray after these lessons have been taught. You may also find that you are avoiding anything that is emotionally trying to your otherwise calm conditions. Under some conditions, this is not a bad choice, although at this time you should certainly get in touch with your emotions. If you run into problems dealing with current emotional conditions, seeking professional help would be a good choice. At the very least share your feelings with someone close. Beware of resorting to alcohol and drugs to remove yourself emotionally from any chaotic situation. This can be exceedingly dangerous at this time. Make an extra effort to correct or contend with life’s conditions during this aspect and do not try to run from the issues through substances abuse.

You will get through these times and come out much stronger. Hold on for the ride and do not become over-whelmed by these conditions. As with all of life experiences, this will pass as time goes by and we come out the other side much stronger and much wiser from the experience if we meet it head on.

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