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Transiting Neptune has a veil of uncertainty attached to its energies. Neptune especially in challenging aspect has some vagueness to it. It can make things very unclear or uncertain and can leave us in a bit of a fog.

Neptune’s energies suggest that we go beneath the surface and uncover the truth of the situation or life conditions which are in front of us.

Neptune in transit has a psychic or intuitive flavour to it; and in many cases, if we listen closely, we get information that is relayed to us through the unconscious or our sub-conscious mind. Neptune is closely tied to mysticism and spirituality and as we lift that veil of uncertainty, we are guided by forces greater than our mere mortal energies.

Venus on the other hand has to do with love and affection and is sometimes tied to the finances. It can also refer to a young female or women in general, but if linked in some way either through transit or natal aspect to Mars, it often has to do with sexual alignment and love connections.

The house positions involved will give greater detail into what area of life is involved and as usual, check the natal placement of Neptune and the aspects that natal Venus makes in the birth chart.

If this connection between transiting Neptune and natal Venus is tied to relationships of significance as indicated by those things we have suggested you check in your chart, then there may be some confusion or idealism in this relationship. It may be best to have input by close reliable friends and family as you may not be getting the whole picture or your mind may be playing games with you.

If, for example, transiting Neptune or Venus is tied to the fifth house this may indicate that a romantic relationship is what this aspect is speaking about. If this is tied to the seventh house then the marriage may be going through some challenging conditions.

Square aspects, however, can be quite aggravating and often force us into action. As we maneuver our way through the obstacles, we eventually uncover the truth and see things as they are. Sometimes we will not get the full picture until Neptune passes out of orb which is at about 2 degrees past being direct. If Neptune goes into retrograde and passes over the same position again then there is further work yet to come, but in most cases the first direct alignment is usually the most powerful.

Many individuals reading this post may feel somewhat dismayed by what the story is suggesting. However, it should be noted that all aspects over time have favourable conclusions. One way or another, the truth is revealed and the veil is removed, and we continue moving in our guided direction. There are no mistakes along the way even if after the fact we find out that what appeared to be the wrong direction in the moment is actually the best route we could have travelled. It may not be a pleasant experience but it was what was needed to learn the lesson at hand or to move through to our needed final outcome.

All conditions are favourable on some level regardless of aspect configuration and they are meant to be. All lessons are for our greater good, even if it does not look or feel that way during the experience. We learn from life and many times we don’t clearly understand the “why” behind events. The outcome may not seem favourable at the time, but the lesson learned is what was important.

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