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Do you have transit Neptune square to Saturn in your chart? This can be a difficult one. Saturn’s energy deals with structure, discipline, organization and development in the “real world”. Neptune will interfere with these structures as it does not have boundaries and can be illusive in its nature. It tests your sense of reality and obstructs your view, making your life’s direction seem unclear and even unreliable. You may feel quite lost at this time and question whether or not you are on the right path.

These can be upsetting. Often negative feedback and feelings of insecurity disrupt what could have been a familiar and solid base. This can lead to depression and bouts of bewilderment. You may wonder how you can get back on your path again. You may feel as though even the solid information you once held dear to you is slipping away and you may even question if your belief structures were even accurate at all.

Do not be led astray by the mind’s interference and know that this fog will clear over time. Once this transit has completed its course you will find that you are even more surefooted because you took the time to question things. Questioning anything in life certainly has benefits.

The greatest problem that will be faced is your lack of self-confidence and anyone who does not stand by your side during this time might best be released from your circle of friendship. You need assistance from those around you and people will come to your assistance and help lead you out of this un-ordered structure. Life can be trying unless you learn to let go a little and let your gut and higher forces be your guide.

Neptune can be quite insistent that you create a spiritual/mystical connection. Because of this the door may open for you at this time although not without some initial struggle. Watch for allowing your imagination to try to force things to happen. Make sure you are seeing things clearly. You can work your way through this cloudy period and with tools such as meditation practices, you will find the answers. These answers may not be what you are hoping to hear. If your wish is to find material comforts and any earth related adventures, these will be anything but satisfying. This is an ego check aspect and you are learning about faith and letting go of control during this time. This is not to say that you are giving up on life. Far from it! What you are doing is allowing spirit to take a leading role in your life, as this is especially important now.

Find out what you need to let go or release during this time, specifically in a material way. You will notice that material security does not stand up to the insistent calling of your spiritual nature and the awakening that is taking place in your life. This can be quite the enlightening time if you take the necessary steps and simply allow. Take in the lessons being taught and know that the unsettled, stressful feelings are temporary. You will find what you are looking for as time passes.

Be patient and believe in yourself. You will come out the other side more knowledgeable about who you are and your inner strength will push you through.

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