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At the time of writing this post (March 2023) transiting Neptune is 24° Pisces. This trine to the Ascendant giving a 5° orb of influence will apply to those with their Sun in the later degrees of Cancer or Scorpio.

T Neptune’s energies in its natural ruling sign of Pisces flow well. Neptune and Pisces are often linked to spirituality and the mystical alignment. It is said to be the final stage of evolution depending on the spiritual growth of the individual in question. Some Pisces people can be very intuitive and even considered psychic while those of the lower vibrations can have issues with alcohol and drugs.

Facing hard cold facts is often not an easy task for those with strong Pisces or heavy aspects to Neptune in their chart. Much depends on how the individual decides to relate to life’s experience. Some have strong musical or acting abilities especially if the 5th house is involved or the 12th which often also suggests psychic inclinations.

When Neptune (planet of vision and spiritual enlightenment) is working through the lens of the trine aspect the door can open for such insight if the individual is so inclined. This is often likely as both Scorpio and Cancer are very attuned to this vibration. Trines in general indicate easy flow and opportunities although this usually works better when a person decides to be engaged with the energies. Trines can release positive energies on their own but it is always suggested that we take advantage of the energy they provide.

Those that are musically inclined can also receive intuitive feedback at this time and reach deeper realms of their musical abilities. Inspiration is often strong although the aspects natally to the Ascendant will speak much clearer on this potential. An experienced Astrologer can help with this.

Neptune is about creativity and insight into the mystical side of life. Putting meditation techniques into practice will work wonders. Dreams can be quite vivid and reveal themes that are taking hold in your life. For those needing therapy, this can be a good time to reach out for assistance.

Use these energies to enhance your world as these energies do not happen often.

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