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As Neptune transits through our natal chart, it will be important to ensure that what we are experiencing as a result of Neptune’s energies is not coloured by our imagination. Neptune has been known, on occasion, to infiltrate our subconscious and to create flawed notions. Reality needs to be sought after and, in some cases, it is wise to go outside of self to confirm our ideas or thoughts.

On the other hand, Neptune is also linked to mystical inspiration and intuitive insight. It is also noted that in some cases Neptune is tied to transcendence and has often been noted to enhance our ability to analyse dreams. Dream work comes through Neptune’s inspirational energies.

Mars is known as being somewhat malefic in its energies and is often associated with aggression, violence and nasty behaviour. Mars is also tied closely to action and the ability to push ahead regardless of intrusion. Mars is our energy and our drive, and much can be accomplished when using its energies wisely. We need the energies of Mars in order to achieve and maintain momentum. Mars has also been associated with sexual activity and is an ongoing agent in the pursuit of sexual fulfillment.

When we combine the energies of transiting Neptune and the position of Mars in our natal chart when in trine to one-another, the energies of Neptune can produce a mystical approach. We may find that our energies are tied to spiritual endeavours and we can have psychic experiences if we are open to them.

Neptune is also strongly tied to charity such as helping others in need without general concern for what we get in return. Ego does not have a place when it comes to Neptune and its vital forces.

Trines are favourable and generally create an easy flow without many obstacles. Trines are what we wait for in life and they often speak of positive influences and potential for rewarding experiences. This is rarely tied to business transactions unless of course this is indicated in the birth chart by house position or other factors. Even if this is the case, we will work for the general good of all involved or at least we should be.

If there is a sexual encounter with this aspect, there might be something mystical or spiritual involvement and the relationship will likely be magical in some way. In some cases, these relationships seem to take place at the perfect time, when some assistance in some way is needed. This can be from one or both people involved in this union. Neptune and Pisces have been associated with a martyr complex.

Since Neptune is tied to the unknown, in many cases due to the epidemic taking hold in our lives, those with this placement may have a stronger resistance to this virus. Mars will push and fight when it is needed and can present strong resilience unless there are other factors in the chart suggesting something different. The full chart must always be reviewed for a clear and concise picture.

Neptune can be quite illusive and often hidden matters are part of the Neptunian profile so those with this placement can work diligently towards uncovering potential remedies.

Mars and Neptune can bring a sense of hope although persistent effort will be required, and a realistic approach is needed.

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