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Transiting Neptune has several reputations and much depends on the planet it is aspecting or the type of aspect it is making. For example, there is a huge difference between Neptune in square and Neptune in trine or Neptune in opposition or in conjunction to an angle or planet in a chart. Each of these will vary greatly in flow.

Neptune in favourable aspect such as a trine can work in a very giving fashion which can be linked to spirituality or service of some sort. Neptune is spiritual in nature and naturally rules the 12th house which has to do with places of confinement, spiritual enlightenment and has to do with issues that we would rather not deal with so we tend to sweep them under the proverbial rug.

Mercury relates to communication and insight especially when connecting to Neptune and in general rules our thought processing.

Together, with Neptune in favourable aspect, the energies flow well, and conversations may be quite insightful and often brings ideas to mind that can be used in charitable ways. Neptune is linked to giving as mentioned, but this giving is not measured or never wants anything in return for what it does. The rewards often make their way forward through channels connected to higher learning sometimes related to the mystical side of life.

This aspect is a time for making your dreams come to fruition especially those based without ego. The mental processing is highly attuned, and insight and vision are often part of the equation. Spiritual writing and public speaking linked to the psychic realm is often part of the process as it unfolds. Neptune can open the door to insight and imagination for those who as so attuned.

Neptune can make things vague or unclear but not likely with the trine. Trines are what we wait for and their energies lean towards easy flow, creating opportunities and ease in obtaining benefits.

You will need to check the houses involved and you might want to see if this placement of Neptune forms a Grand Trine, which involves three planets or significant point all trine to one another. Grand Water trines are known for their mystical insight and intuitive opening. They also provide us with self-reliance especially when it comes to emotional situations. The houses will help you understand which areas of life these free-flowing positive energies are working in for your particular case as indicated by your chart.

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