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Transiting Neptune is currently in Pisces, therefore, if it is trine Mercury in your chart, Mercury would have to be in a water element. When allowing a seven to ten degree aspect ratio, your Mercury (if trine Neptune) is anywhere from 1 to 2 degrees to 18-21 degrees in either Cancer or Scorpio. Those that are really sensitive to the influence of Neptune may even feel this energy beyond these specific degrees. Neptune will transit as far as 14 degrees into Pisces later this year, so an influence at 23-24 degrees is not out of question.

Mercury has a tendency to take on the energies of any planet that it touches through transit or progression. Therefore the planetary energies the sign the transiting planet is in and the houses that are being transited will play an important role in deciphering how these energies will influence your life. You should also see if you have an aspect natally between these two planets as well as the aspects to Mercury in your birth chart as these will also play into the equation.

Neptune’s energies are often subtle and will reflect more through the sub-conscious channels than through conscious means, unless of course the individual is particularly sensitive to the influence of its energies. Those with pronounced psychic abilities (and may I add that everyone has these abilities) will be particularly influenced by these Neptunian energies at this time. Mercury is in charge of mental processing, including mental alignment, mental conception and interchange on a subconscious level. Suffice to say that the mind will be heavily influenced during the meeting of these two energies. Remember that Mercury aligns with any planet it touches and as a result the mystical inspirational impact of Neptune will play an important role in this encounter, particularly because transiting Neptune is in its natural sign of Pisces right now.

Inspiration can be realized and your spiritual connection will be intensified during this process. You may experience more prophetic dreams and visualizations. You may experience clairvoyant stimulus during this time. The psychic channels are open or are opening and information and realization will come flowing into focus. Psychic experiences are enhanced/increased, and you may find inspirational information being offered to you like never before, especially if you are of this mindset. With the placements of your Mercury in either Cancer or Scorpio, we would say that your instinctual behaviour will resonate with what is going on from deeper channels.

You may want to uncover and explore these regions more than before, digging up forgotten information or new and reliable data, especially if you have your Mercury in Scorpio. You may find that you are going through changes, and transformation to your life will be highlighted. After this transit, you may not be the person you were before it began. This transit can last several years. You may uncover hidden trauma that now needs to surface, be faced and dealt with. This too can have a lasting effect on your emotional nature and clear headed understanding of what took place may be the result to what surfaces. The mind wants to explore many regions and you are now much more adept to handling this.

If your Mercury is in Cancer much of the above will be part of the process and you may also find that your family and children become more open. A closer tie can develop if you want this to happen. The opportunities are endless and your timing is perfect for this to happen...It may take precedence in your life. Mothering and caring for loved ones can become much more apparent and things flow easier and fluently.

For those with psychological issues, healing can occur with profound effects. In very rare instances psychotic breaks can occur. Trines makes things flow and if there have been blockages in the past for good or for bad, trines can open the floodgates. In most cases, trines speak of opportunities and bring easy flow to any obstruction, but those with mental illnesses can become overwhelmed with the flow of energies if they do not have healthy coping practices in place. This is rare but these forces do allow energies to flow unobstructed. Rest assured that for the majority of people life will open up in a positive manner. Intuitive and inspirational messages will align themselves with understanding, and positive psychic feedback will be the outcome.

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