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Currently Neptune is in the sign of Pisces and those that have it in trine to its natal position currently would have been born between approximately 1958 to roughly 1971. Anyone born during this estimated period will have their natal positioning of Neptune in the sign of Scorpio. The trine occurs approximately at the age of 55 although it can vary somewhat (check your ephemeris for the exact degree date).

If you are younger than 55, you have yet to experience the energies of this trine and if you are older than 55, you have already experienced these energies.

Neptune is a very spiritual and an all-encompassing planet; that is to say that it helps you understand how we are all connected (brothers and sisters to one another). Neptune is a selfless sign and its energies often put us in other people’s shoes. With Neptune’s influence, we will feel what others feel and can become quite intuitive either consciously or from an unconscious level. We will likely have great empathy for the struggles others are going through and may wish to help in some way. Charity work or working behind the scenes could be areas of interest.

As mentioned, Neptune is the most selfless sign in the zodiac and seldom wishes for anything in return. There is no ego involvement when it comes to what Neptune stands for, and its work is done out of the goodness and through compassion which often builds over this period. Those experiencing this aspect will feel for those less fortunate and may even connect so strongly for those going through challenging times that they take on their energies and have a difficult time moving away from these intuitive insights.

Quite often, under this influence, the mystical door opens and those that have never walked this road may suddenly find themselves interested in such things as psychic revelations and the spiritual movement. Some turn to religion, both traditional and otherwise, feeling the need to go deeper within and examine life from a purely spiritual perspective.

For those already on this journey (many will have strong ties to the element water in their chart, such as Grand Water Trines, the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in either Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) this will likely be an inspiring period. Others may have a conglomeration of planets in the water houses (4, 8, 12). We cannot forget the Moon in the twelfth house as it carries a Piscean influences. The Sun in the fourth house would carry influences of Cancer and so forth.

This can certainly be an enlightening period in life and many changes take place shortly after this revelation as we also go through our Saturn return at approximately 59.

Take everything in stride as it takes some time for our subconscious to reveal what takes place within. Be prepared for an awakening of sorts and allow these energies full reign in order to experience the most energies possible under this influence. For those individuals that have already experienced this trine from Neptune to itself, have you reflected on what has taken place?

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