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Neptune deals primarily with energies of “other-world” understanding, such as the mystical side of life, spiritual realizations, truths that are found within and uncovering your own spiritual alignment. Neptune suggests that we have a deep profound look at life and come to an understanding based on the awakening of spiritual insight. Neptune can work on subliminal channels and will use the unconscious to evaluate our lives from a higher perspective based on intuitive understanding. It can open the channels to what our dreams are communicating and allows hidden channels of exchange with other realms of existence.

When Neptune is connected to the MC (Midheaven or Medium Coeli ) by trine (MC deals with occupation, status and goals in life), your desires can put you in a place of service where you can work behind the scenes, perhaps in an institution or in a social service position. This type of positions will help you reach these objectives in your life. There is a need and desire to assist those less fortunate, the poor and disenfranchised or those that are sick and need assistance. This could also be linked to charity work where ego or the feelings of superiority do not play a part in the process. You would work exclusively to help those who need your assistance in some way and during this transit you may be drawn to organizations that will put your ego to rest at least for the time being.

Your own ego drive will not be too strong during this trine and your own personal needs may be thwarted by the needs of others. Because of this, you will have to make sure that you service your own needs as well as the needs of others. Personal relationships could suffer because of this or people recognizing this desire to help others may push their needs on to you and use you knowing that you are susceptible to these influences. It is extremely important that you also focus some attention on your own personal needs.

In general, trines are considered favourable aspects and will usually assist you and work with you in achieving or maneuvering yourself in directions that are more favourable. In rare instances particularly when we have been travelling a less than desirable paths, a trine can speed up the process and provide the thrust to propel you further into directions that are not so pleasing. In general however trines and sextiles are what we wait for in Astrology. They often provide good luck, easy flow and advantageous circumstances that are favourable for us.

Remember to take into consideration which house is being transited by Neptune and which planet rules your MC. This information will provide you with insight into how the energies will work themselves out and in which area of life these energies will manifest themselves. Also take a look at the overall condition of Neptune in your birth chart. If it is well aspected, expect better than anticipated results and if it is poorly aspected, things will usually work out well in the long haul, but it may take some work from you to get to where you want to go.

Enjoy this transit of Neptune. It may open doors for you and make available insight that would not normally be accessible.

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