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We recently touched on planets and their effects when they are applying and separating in the natal chart. Due to the number of enquiries we received on this topic, we are expanding on that post to include transiting planets.

When two planets are beginning to form an aspect, regardless of the type of aspect, this is termed an applying aspect. When the angle between the two planets is beginning to detach from one another or move apart this is known as a separating aspect. The fastest moving planet (the planet closest to the Sun) is the planets considered to be approaching or applying the other planet. For example Mars and Saturn coming together to form an aspect; Mars will be the faster moving planet. Another example would be Venus and Pluto; Venus would be the faster moving planet. Retrograde motion depending on which planets are involved can change this.

When a planet is approaching or applying another planet, we begin to intuitively feel the energies and may feel that something is about to take place. This could something quite exciting taking hold or there could be the feeling that things are about to fall apart; much depends on the planetary energies as well as the aspect that is being formed. The faster moving planet is always the one that is stirring things up, the feeling that something is about to happen or the feeling that you should make a move on something.

The slower moving planet’s energies produce the lesson or could be considered the planet that is shaping the experience at hand. If for example Mars and Pluto are moving into opposition with one another, Mars will be stirring up feelings that something may happen in regards to sexual expression, even a feeling of danger, or action of some type, while Pluto will be saying that a transformation is about to take hold. Prepare yourself for some disruption or potential irreversible change. Your inner being may be challenged to make changes. Because of the opposition this may stem from someone else rather than you initiating these changes.

The energies of the planets involved begin to intensify as they come closer to being at the same degree, and the heightened sensitivity becomes more apparent. As they begin to move apart the feeling associated with what took place begin to dissipate and you may feel relieved that the situation is now passing or rejoice in what took place.

There is a sense of excitement which may deal with many areas of life, as the aspect tightens to become exact (this is when the two planets are in exactly the same degree)

In a natal chart, the transiting (current position) planet will always be the one moving towards the natal (position at birth) position, as the natal planet does not move from its original position at birth. Take into consideration the planet’s positions in your natal chart. The transiting planet making the aspect to the natal planetary placement will define the areas of life involved in the process. As they separate, things will settle and you should have made adjustments to what took place. The energies of the planets involved can be felt as much as 5-7 degrees approaching and will be finalized about 2-3degrees beyond (separating) the exact degree. The exact degree with most planets will be when the experience’s energies are at their heightened point.

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