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The potential for success and growth during a conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter depends much on the effort and the approach you use during this period. You will have the ability to pursue your goals and aspirations when this aspect is in your chart, but will you move ahead with the energies offered?

Will you allow the mind to interfere and obstruct your efforts because of ego intervention?

Ego can certainly have an impact when dealing with the energies of Pluto. The proper frame of mind and the ability to self motivate is essential for taking advantage of these energies. You have the opportunity for a powerful push if you need it and will find persevere in the face of adversity, if presented.

You can succeed in many areas of life with this aspect. Look at the house involved with this conjunction when and if you have this aspect in your chart. The house of the conjunction and the house where natal Pluto is located will be the areas of life that are being affected.

You may be reviewing your goals and how you fit into the overall flow of your journey. Do you fit well with others? Are your objectives for the betterment of all concerned?

You will have to examine your priorities before you push ahead. Ensure that your actions are not to build your ego and that others can also benefit because of your actions.

This can certainly be a metaphysical or spiritual connection if this is where you choose to place your focus. Both planets are geared in this direction and Jupiter will foster growth and expansion, while Pluto brings forth a rebirth of your ideologies. Regeneration and a resurgence of spirituality may be high on the agenda and a new religious (we are not speaking of traditional religion though this too may be the case) outlook may be the outcome.

You can move forward in almost any endeavor you wish to undertake now. Pluto provides the push.

You may need to take a close look within and see what you need to cultivate and what needs to be revamped or removed. It is best to be honest as you cannot fool yourself and the energies at work can bring forth change that might not be pleasant if you are being dishonest with yourself.

Growth and some form of prosperity are the rewards for a job well done and Jupiter offers this, but some digging and hard work are required. Get to the bottom of any situation that needs rectifying currently. You have what it takes right now to walk this road with integrity and move ahead in leaps and bounds. You will never look back once you make your decision. The changes brought forth will be permanent and is required for the growth that you seek under this influence.

Pluto is all about transformation and regeneration and will aid in truth in your endeavors during this aspect. Pluto will only make this conjunction once in your lifetime, (if this is found in your chart) so make sure you use the energies at hand to accomplish something worthwhile and satisfying.

Currently (November 2021) Pluto is transiting at 24 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. Look to see if and when Pluto will conjunct your natal Jupiter. For further information about all other aspects making connections in your birth chart reach out to your Astrologer.

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