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Before we go into deciphering this transit of Pluto to Mars, please check if you have a natal aspect between these two planets to confirm this applies to you. Also check if you have other transits aspecting your natal Mars and check which houses are involved. The planets that are natally joined with Mars will all play a part in the potential unfolding of these two energies.

The dynamics of these two planetary energies can be quite forceful and very volatile. As a result, it is important to check the overall picture in your chart. If there are aspects in the chart indicating some other forces playing a role in this conjunction and they are favourable, then the energies released may not be as tense.

Pluto and Mars together, when well aspected by other plants or points, can be a time of gathering or reaching your goals and recognizing your abilities and using them for a push forward in life. There are powerful forces at work when the energy levels are activated. There will be a strong drive towards dominance in whatever areas of life are involved, (the area of life is found in their house placements).

If, for example, these planets are found occupying the first house, you may be driven to succeed in personal matters although you may find that others become involved, and they may also exert their influence in the situation.

If the seventh house is the area of influence, this aspect may not work overly well when it comes to your marriage or business partnership. You may even have to watch out for enemies attempting to work against you in some way. Struggles and disruptions are common and ego disputes are often the result.

Because the energies are so powerful, you will have to make sure that you find ways to shift this drive into areas that will benefit the situation. Undercover work and solving or resolving issues can work well during this influence. Pluto’s energies are about transformation and after careful study and digging up material that help promote transformation; change will surface. The only problem with Mars being attached to these energies is that these problems can become dangerous situations and aggressive action can be a result if the energies are misdirected. In extreme cases, the potential for violence and potent arguments can erupt and cause dangerous situations, but once again only in extreme situations.

Do not be too hasty, as compulsive actions are often sparked by this conjunction. It is advisable to stay clear of any conditions or situations that could eventually lead to disruption and violence. Watch yourself and do not take any unnecessary chances. The careless operation of motor vehicles is especially not advisable during this time. Watch for anger and then the desire to leave the scene and drive away upset. If at all possible, remain where you are or calm down before operating motor vehicles.

Watch for operating heavy machinery or when using sharp tools, as Mars has a powerful influence in these areas as well.

If possible, use the energies of this transit to perform hard and tedious tasks and push yourself ahead especially when Pluto and Mars are in Capricorn. You could excel in your occupation and receive reward for your perseverance and dominating drive, as long as you work with others and allow them to have their say. Domination coming from both sides is quite possible during this transit. Stand your ground but do not be pushy.

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