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Transiting Pluto Conjunct Natal Mars

This transit between Pluto and Mars is potentially a very potent transit. Before we continue, be sure to check if Pluto and Mars are liked in your chart and also check what other aspects are linked to Pluto and Mars in your natal chart. This will help determine the transiting effects on your life. Check to see which house transiting Pluto is located in as well as its natal position. You should also check which house natal Mars is located in to determine its overall effects as well.

As mentioned, this is a powerful aspect and much depends on these two planetary links in your birth chart as well as their overall condition. You should check closely if there are other transits affecting Mars or planetary links that closely resemble this configuration such as Pluto and Saturn or Uranus links for this will help to define the intensity.

Pluto and Mars together often indicate a warning signal and if you also have at least two other planetary links that also point in the same direction, you will have to watch for haste in action, especially dealing with motorized vehicles and machinery. Potential dangers lie in these areas. This is a high energy transit that must be contained or expressed in a vigorous although gentle manner. If you do not release these inherent energies, there is potential for becoming victim to aggressive behaviour. Do not place yourself in immediate danger and avoid arguments if possible.

If you are ready to move forward with your ambitions in life, this transit can provide you with the drive to accomplish, even in the face of adversity. You have great potential to overcome any harsh conditions and if you harness this powerful aspect, you can succeed in many endeavours (which under normal conditions you would most likely not even think about pursuing). There is a lot of drive and energy linked to this transit. You are also able to dig beneath the surface on inner turmoil that may have been dormant in the past. This is the time when you can bring these to the surface and deal appropriately with them.

Mars is linked to the ego and the ego drive and Pluto can be a destructive power urge. You will have to be careful in how you approach life’s endeavours during this transit. Much opposition to your plans can arise if you handle this energy in an ego-oriented fashion. You will, however, be able to present your case with much enthusiasm and have an ability to put your point across in a powerful and direct manner. In some cases, nonetheless, you can become quite subversive in your approach.

Pluto tends to transform many things it touches and you will have to take note of which house it is transiting through as well as any other planets it touches. The house is the area of life that is transforming and any planets it touches will be affected by its transformational abilities. Pluto can be very subtle in its actions and as time passes, you will begin to figure out how it has affected that area of life.

You can do great things with this transit and you will notice that work which normally takes great effort to complete does not seem to require the same amount of energy. You accomplish more with less effort and if you put effort into your plans and objectives, the odds of a favourable result or a change in conditions are strong.

As mentioned, this transit has potential for difficult conditions although unlikely unless several aspects in the chart correlate with this transit of Pluto and Mars. Be a little more careful while under its influence, especially when transiting Pluto goes direct and aspects Mars within ten minutes.

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