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Mercury’ energies deal with our thinking process. By Astrology sign, it defines different manners of communication and how our intellect operates. Mercury has to do with the way we define our intensions and how we stand as individuals with our own objectives and reasoning abilities.

This is the only planet that needs something to stimulate it, as on its own it is neutral in its function. Transits, therefore, play a significant role in how we express ourselves. All natal planets and angles to our natal Mercury influence defining Mercury’s energies for us, but its sign placement and house position play a big part in how the mind operates.

Pluto is the planet of transformation, regeneration and the uncovering of life’s secrets which were learned through self-understanding and a willingness to go below the surface of matters. When transiting Pluto aspects our Mercury, it opens doors to learning experiences. By the time Pluto has passed beyond its orb of influence on Mercury in our chart, we will have questioned our thoughts and philosophies and probably made major changes along the way.

Pluto’s influence in the natal chart is never a passive one. Its demand for truth often brings out challenging conditions and power struggles that need to be faced. We cannot ignore Pluto and during this time, our will is tested, our judgement intensifies, and we are able to examine anything with great insight. What we dig up may not always be pleasant but what we find will be truth and these truths should be dealt with.

Do not ignore what Pluto is trying to convey. It is important and changes may be necessary to rise above details and position ourselves so that once this transit is over, we have made the necessary changes preparing us for what is yet to come. It is often a transit of magnificent changes and transformational experiences, although possibly challenging in nature during the experience of the aspect.

When working with the energies of Pluto, this transit can be used to our benefit as we dig ever deeper into the meaning of life. It will reveal what needs to surface and offers us opportunities to move above challenging conditions and/or to leave a stagnated situation.

This is a great aspect for self-study and any kind of research can have profound effects. Meditation would be very beneficial and will often open doors that were previously closed. This is a time of honest reflection as well as a time to realistically view life’s conditions. Once we have had the opportunity to reflect, we can make constructive changes that will further our growth in the right direction.

Currently (October 2021) transiting Pluto is in Capricorn and went direct on October 6. Pluto is at 24 degrees and moves slowly until it goes retrograde once again April 29, 2022 at 28 degrees. Pluto’s energies work at their best while in direct motion, so take advantage of its full-blown energies after October 6, 2021.

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