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This transit of Pluto to the natal Moon suggests intense emotional interaction and change for those individuals with this aspect in their chart. This is a powerful connection and deals with our psychological ability to deal with emotional interactions either with others (People in our immediate environment) or inner dialogue, with the intent of bringing whatever needs to surface out into the open. This is a “feeling” aspect and the energies are not subtle in any way, although the energies may have been hidden until the conjunction aspect gets to about 3-5 degrees approaching.

The energies of Pluto will bring things to the surface and makes us deal with them. In many cases the things brought to the surface are not easy to digest. If your life has been relatively stable, this period could bring about a state of unrest when transformations are apparent, and you have to adapt to them.

The areas of life that are being affected are determined by the house transiting Pluto is moving through as well as the natal house placement of Pluto. This transit can also affect any area of life determined by others natal aspects to the Moon as these areas are connected and will affect the overall current conditions. If the Natal Moon has many challenging aspects, then this can be an emotionally charged time in your life. It might be upsetting, and you may find that you feel emotionally abused during this aspect. If the natal Moon is aspected by softer influences, the transformation will not be as challenging.

Sometimes the issues that come to the surface are from early life that were swept under the carpet and now come to the surface or are discovered by others. Sometimes this can be a private time and the events may only involve you and the other individual involved.

There is great potential for transformations on many levels, especially so with family and loved ones. Any relationships that are based on emotional response can be energized during this aspect.

The Moon often speaks of the home and in some cases, you may either move or make changes to your residence in a big way. These changes could be structural, or a major improvement or sometimes an alteration occurs within the family residence. A family member moves in or moves out

This aspect may be a little upsetting, but it is important to understand that the changes are reflective of changes taking place on an internal level. Life manifests according to our needs and the energy we put into different areas of our life. This aspect will be the preliminary steps required to move us in a direction that is necessary and brings forth growth that suits our evolution.

Do not fight the process. Go willingly for the ride when you have this aspect in your chart. It will be a much gentler transition that way. It may help to speak to those you trust depending on how things are materializing. Professional help may by an appropriate choice if this time is overly stressful.

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