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Any transit of Pluto is considered powerful in its influence. Since the Ascendant is opposite the seventh house cusp, this transit will affect you in a personal way with regards to others and particularly your significant other. The people around you may influence you on a whole new level during this conjunction and because of this plus the tendency for Pluto to go beneath the surface (and in this case about who you are – the Ascendant), these people may be instrumental in creating changes in your life.

As mentioned, Pluto tends to make you go beneath the surface and during this phase, you may uncover elements of your life that you have subconsciously hidden from your awareness. There may be qualities about you that you do not wish to acknowledge and have kept under wraps for many years, in some cases all your life. This may involve issues from the past that have been hidden from your consciousness because of fear or discomfort with dealing with them. Some past experiences can be very challenging to deal with, but in keeping these under wraps and not dealing with them can cause problems that seem more and more insurmountable as time passes. They can affect you on a very personal level. Pluto may now bring these issued to the surface so that you will have to deal with them in appropriate way and on a beneficial level.

It is a time for getting to know yourself and to become more in touch with how life events have affected you up to this point in time. Pluto moves very slowly. If you are presented with this aspect (you will never have this conjunction again), deal with these life issues to rid yourself of their shadows. This can have profound effects on your overall development. You may have thought that there were some aspects of yourself which you may have considered or as termed as malicious or action taken earlier that are unforgiveable. Now you will bring these issues to the surface and see them for what they truly are. You may find that these past characteristics or events are not as corrupt and unforgiveable as you were imagining. Dealing with them head on and in an appropriately manner offers the opportunity to put events in their proper place and to change our opinions so that they accurately reflect events without shame and put them in their proper perspective.

Pluto often works in subconscious ways and you may find that your actions or thoughts are rather obsessive or even uncontrollable. If things seem to get out of hand, which in some cases they can but rarely, now would be the time to seek professional assistance. Sometimes these thoughts and ideas can fester on subconscious levels and if we do not deal with things appropriately they may expand in their energies. It is always suggested that you deal with life challenges when they first happen to rectify the situation before it has the energies to grow into something bigger than it has to be. When you leave things unattended they have a tendency to grow in intensity and if left long enough to fester, can become monsters. It should be understood that it is only ego that sees things in this way and you can detach from these points of view or opinions and deal with the matters at hand.

Many relationships go through huge changes during this period which can last as long as five years. Pluto moves very slowly through the heavens--about one degree per year. The relationships that have stood the test of time and are in fairly healthy condition will not suffer irreversible damage.

A transformation is at hand and identifying any serious issues that have been swept under the carpet should now be brought out into the open so that healing can begin. Pluto packs a punch and you may experience upheavals during it cycle. Disagreements and ego disruption are quite common.

Much can be learned during this aspect and you now have the opportunity to bring things to the surface and change anything that needs changing once and for all. The results of Pluto’s actions are quite final.

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