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Venus is often associated with love and partnership. Pluto connected to Venus can bring about a sexual encounter with deep undercurrents. If you are not in a sexual relationship at this time and you have transiting Pluto in opposition to Venus in your natal chart, this aspect may bring about a connection of intensity. If you are already in a deep and committed relationship, this aspect may bring about an increase in your sexual expression.

Oppositions are usually connected with other people and in this case, others will find you. You will probably not be the one pursuing the encounter; it will be initiated by someone else. This relationship may be quite powerful and have an impact in your life far deeper than anything experienced up until this point. Watch for becoming obsessive about this encounter. Pluto can have powerful overtones. Pluto is connected to the subconscious and you may not recognize what has brought the two of you together although sex will certainly play a big part in the relationship.

Pluto has a tendency to transform things and in this case, it can transform you. Watch for power struggles and being uncontrollably attracted to someone. It might be overwhelming and out of the norm for you. You should remember that outer forces may be taking a leading role in this relationship. You might find that the relationship is not what you would consider enjoyable as you may not feel relaxed and you may even feel on edge. However, somehow the relationship seems exciting and holds your attention. Remember whether this relationship has lasting qualities or not, it will have a powerful effect on you, and life will change on some level regardless of the end result. Enjoy it and see where it takes you. What will you learn from one another?

In an already existing relationship, Pluto may begin the process of uncovering eccentricities within the relationship. Perhaps one of you is not satisfied with the relationship. Perhaps one of you is overly aggressive or controlling. Often this can be characteristic of the partner. Watch for your partner trying to manipulate you and sexually coheres you into doing things that you might not want to do. Do not put yourself in a place of discomfort and recognize the relationship for what it might be becoming.

This information is not meant to make you uncomfortable or worried. It is just a warning as Pluto works to bring things to the surface so that you have to face them and it can be somewhat disruptive especially with a challenging aspects.

Sometimes the relationship has to end and Pluto will be sure to make this happen if you are not progressing the way that suits your overall purpose. Remember evolution can be found on many different channels of expression.

All relationships will undergo some form of transformation and whether it turns out to be positive (in your opinions) in nature or not, it will be best to be honest in your approach. Who knows where this will take you. One things is for sure, it will take you where you ultimately need to go.

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