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Transiting Pluto moves very slowly through the zodiac, moving a little over one degree on average per year. This means that if you allow a 4-5 degree orb of influence when applying and a 2 degree orb separating, you could have Pluto in opposition to your Sun for as much as 3-4 years. The time when Pluto is direct and perhaps receiving other aspects from other planets at the same time will be when its influence will be at its peak.

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn for several years and will remain there for a while yet. Capricorn has to do with a slow climb up the ladder of success. It also speaks of a steady approach to life, never missing any rungs that are relevant to this climb. Slow and steady wins the race and whether this race is of the energies of the seventh house of relationships, in the twelfth house of spirituality or in the second house of finances for example, Pluto will have you dig up any unresolved issues that might be hindering your climb up the ladder of success within these life areas.

Capricorn is not a risk taker. It is predictable in its nature, although subtle in its actions. It prefers to remain in the background and will apply itself at the most opportune moments when its impact will be felt the most. It can be low key although when it speaks, people generally listen. It is not very flexible although persistent when in pursuit of a cause. It is comfortable in taking the long route and adheres to lessons learned along the way. It is ambitious and will pursue a course of action with great determination stopping at nothing until it reaches its goal.

The Sun is our energy drive, our need to prove ourselves in ambitious terms. It acts as a catalyst for success and pushes us forward. Much depends on its natal placement and sign, and using these energies, it will push in the intended direction. The sun is the ego drive and the will to achieve. It is also our inner most self. The Sun is quite different from our ascendant sign which is the face we reveal to the world. The Sun’s energies is who we are at our core and the driving force behind this persona. Our goal is to unite the Moon, the Sun and the Ascendant in order to be whole and also to connect with our Moon’s nodes, when deciphering our objectives in life.

When transiting Pluto is in opposition to our Sun, we have to watch for becoming involved in power struggles with others—do not forget the Sun is our will. Sometimes we may be so caught up in finding our course that we may push others in a direction that only suits us. We will need to pay particular attention during this transit to make sure we take into consideration other peoples’ needs. Oppositions usually involve other people. Watch for a desire to dominate others or watch for others attempting to dominate us. There is often a great need to prove ourselves correct and win the argument or our position on the matter. Being open and discussing things appropriately is the best way to move through these challenging conditions. This is particularly true in close personal relationships, both romantic as well as business.

On the positive end of this opposition, if we pursue our goals in a forthright manner and are open to assistance and to listen to advice, this opposition can bring great rewards for hard work and persistent efforts. Our ambitious self is amplified during this period and we will want to prove something to people in authority or even people who are our subordinates. Watch for power struggles with people in authority as they will have the upper hand and can shut us down when they feel the opposition is too aggressive.

We must take care of ourselves physically during this time as the amount of energies applied can be overwhelming. Sometimes people get run down during these times or have personal issues because of the need to win at almost any cost. Practice patience and keep the temper under control. Using the appropriate action will win us favours and also show our positive characteristics. Take it slow and watch for adversity. This is the best advice that can give.

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