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Transiting Pluto is the agent of transformation and depending on which house it is transiting, it will embody and change the energies and areas of life represented by that particular house. As Pluto moves into a house and crosses the house cusp, its energies are enhanced. As Pluto transits, planets within the house by conjunction or an aspect to other planets in other houses, its energies of dynamic change and regeneration merge with the energies of the planet in question.

Conjunctions are always the most intense experiences we can encounter, although squares and oppositions are also quite profound in their eventual release.

Pluto is very powerful when it conjuncts the ascendant and often produces permanent changes on a very personal level. This can include changes and transformations to relationships, changes to personal appearance, to the relationships with others, to our occupation, to the home environment and other areas of expression.

Pluto moving into the first house can bring to the forefront unexpressed or ignored inner qualities or experiences that will now need to surface and be confronted. It is best not to try to push aside things that surface under this influence. We should deal with what comes forth. By dealing with personal issues, we can rid them once and for all or challenge them and change them in an appropriate manner to something that will facilitate change on a permanent level. What once was now may be inappropriate, and we make changes that will put us more in line with our life’s path and also helps us understand the more dark corners of our personality.

Some of these personality quirks need to be addressed, acknowledged and then often put to rest. Some of these traits may not be overly pleasing but rest assured that if we ignored or tried to ignore them, they will never be resolved and the transformation that needs to take place will not take place. When it finally surfaces, the actions are much more dynamic, harsh and life altering because even though we have tried to ignore them, they must be dealt with.

It is almost futile to resist the changes taking place as we learn to deal with life experiences under this influence. The indicators of the need for change may be subtle in the beginning but if we choose to ignore these indicators, Pluto’s energies will gather in momentum and intensity.

Willingly or unwillingly, we will emerge a totally different personality and life will alter significantly as Pluto’s energies transmute our inner core and present us with outer changes that affect us on a very personal level.

What needs change will be activated and ego interference is quite possible; however, as we begin to merge into our newly forming self, what once was is replaced with permanence and what now surfaces is much more in line with our evolutionary requirements.

Pluto is very much a part of our ongoing evolutionary process and although often tedious and challenging, it will help us understand ourselves and recognize our potential as spiritual beings, if we choose to open the door to this understanding.

A new you will emerge under this influence of Pluto. Allow this energy to transcend your life forward and awaken you to your potential.

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