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Transiting Pluto was stationary direct at 18 degrees and 45 minutes from approximately September 29 to October 1, 2018. Yesterday Pluto went direct Pluto will remain direct until approximately mid-late April, 2019.

When planets (with the exception of Saturn) are in direct (rather than retrograde), their energies are no longer subdued and are allowed full expression. Saturn is different from the other planets as its retrograde motion allows it to express its qualities in a more favorable manner.

Pluto deals with endings and then afterward initiates new beginnings. It is the planet of transformation and regeneration. It has been known to break down old and outdated structures in our lives that no longer serve a viable purpose. Its energies then erect new energies that take the place of what once was. This can include relationships, occupation, internal realizations, finances, ways of communicating, home and family related subjects, love affairs, the working environment, joint finances and business enterprises, religious and spiritual overtones, friendships and mystical understanding, to name a few.

Pluto will tear apart things that no longer add to our ongoing journey and things which stand in the way of our progress. Pluto will tear apart, disintegrate and dismantle in order to rebuild and transform what used to be into what now serves a purpose. Pluto can be subtle in its actions or it can be quite disruptive in its behaviour and little stands in the way of these changes that are needed. It is best not to fight what is inevitable. There can be ego disputes, organized or disorganized mayhem and what may, at first, appear to be setback while Pluto is in the process of rebuilding. Pluto’s actions are necessary but often may not be overly pleasant. Make no mistake, however, its energies are very powerful in their influence over the masses.

As the author Helen J Adams states in her book Understanding Retrogrades, “Pluto direct is power while Pluto retrograde is dependency. Pluto direct is the leader of the masses, Pluto retrograde is the follower of the masses. Pluto direct creates great change, while Pluto retrograde refuses to change self, but does endeavor to change others. “

During Pluto’s transit, it has powerful ramifications on the areas of the chart it touches, whether this is the beginning of a house, planets or angles. Much depends on the aspects it is making during its travel around the Zodiac. Pluto in challenging aspect can be rather tedious and there is a tendency to destroy what needs to be dealt with and then rebuild with what is needed, but its actions are challenging to say the least.

When Pluto is in a favorable aspect, its actions are still definite and unsettling but less dramatic or less inhibiting and the rebuilding of structures may move along more gently and create less strain.

While Pluto is moving through your chart and affecting different placements within that framework, you can expect required changes and disruptions. Pluto’s actions are usually final. As the dust settles which may take as long as two years, you will come to understand that what took place was in your best interests.

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