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We have a very powerful conjunction coming together between transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn. These two planets will conjunct one another directly in January of 2020 but have been in force off and on throughout 2019. The transiting conjunction will complete its cycle by March of 2020. Both Planets are in the sign of Capricorn which often pointing towards power struggles and leadership especially related to business and enterprise.

Remember, this is a world-wide event affecting everyone at the same time. This could deal with politics and governmental institutions and speaks of challenging conditions causing great disruption and upheaval. On a world scale, we can see this beginning to take place particularly in the United States with the political turmoil taking hold as this is being written.

On a personal level, we will need to see what house this conjunction falls in as well as any other planetary influence in the natal chart being affected by this conjunction. The houses define areas of life involved in the equation while the planets from the natal chart define the energies involved.

Saturn often speaks of discipline and restrictions in place and also has to do with delays, obstruction and people in positions of authority. Pluto speaks of disruptions and power struggles and major transformations that take hold. The energies of Pluto can be disruptive but are often in place to produce a much needed change of direction. Pluto tends to tear down structures and then rebuild from the ruins. Its energies put an end to conditions so that something new and more beneficial can be built.

Saying that the energies of these two giants are intrusive and challenging is undermining the powerful influence that these planets can have on our lives. Words cannot express clearly how powerful these planets together can be. However, although intrusive and chaotic in nature during the change, they do build on creating a solid foundation that over time will stand the test of time and build resilience.

Saturn is the teacher and the disciplinarian, and Pluto dictates and removes that which has become stagnant and no longer serves a viable purpose. Pluto’s action is finite and uncovers anything that needs to surface so that it can be dealt with accordingly. What once was, no longer will be.

It will be interesting to see how these two energies link together and what the final outcome will be. We, as individuals, will need to address what has been in place and find ways to rebuild on a more structured and solid foundation. Above all else, we must learn from the experience.

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