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As Pluto makes its way through the natal chart and touches other planets and angles, its energies regenerate and challenge anything in place and whatever needs revamping. Its energies are not subtle in nature although often not recognizable in the beginning.

Pluto moves slowly through the natal chart at about one degree each year. If it goes retrograde over a particular area in the chart, it can have profound effects and usually the final pass will produce the most powerful results.

Pluto often puts an end to conditions in order for something new to begin. It is a death of sorts and then a seed is planted, and a new sprout begins to grow. Its effects are long lasting and sometimes we do not fully understand what has taken place for up to two years after the initial impact.

Venus has to do with love and affection and sometimes is also connected to the financial conditions. Venus is very favourable and often speaks of love affairs and in some cases speaks of a young woman. Venus looks to discover tranquil and serene conditions.

When transiting Pluto makes a sextile to the natal positioning of Venus it offers opportunities for transformation or regeneration of love and affection. This is often connected to someone of importance to you.

Pluto may have been trying to tell you that there is an occasion to promote change and direct your life in a more appropriate direction that more suits your ongoing growth and evolution. There can also be strong sexual attractions. In many cases there are no halfway measures about what this change may deliver, but you may still have to do the work.

If this aspect happens to be speaking about your finances, the time may be ripe to receive a lump sum of money or a significant financial upsurge. The area of life which is connected can be found through the placement of transiting Pluto and natal Venus, and we should also have a look at the natal position of Pluto as this will give you more insight into how this might unfold. It is important to remember that sextile are opportunity aspects and, in many cases, if we do not push ahead under their influence, we may be squandering the opportunity.

Do not sit back when this energy is at hand.

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