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Transiting Pluto squaring your natal Ascendant can be quite challenging. It forces you to question the way you represent yourself to the public. “Do you need to make changes“, is not the question. “You must make changes or life will make those changes for you” is the statement. This is a direction or a turning point. There are no half measures when it comes to Pluto’s energies.

Pluto may also make ties to your MC and IC, perhaps conjuncting one of them. This suggests that the time has come or will come or has already passed when you will make significant changes to your path in life, your career choices, your goals and aspirations and perhaps your relationships. It may also have an impact on the home and family. You may move or do major renovations. Family and the home could be changed. Much will depend on these angles and their signs and degrees.

Square aspects force you into action and cause great disruption. They are impactful and create changes that perhaps you may not have been prepared for. Often due to the lengthy time that this square will be present in a chart, you may have had inclinations that major changes were on the horizon. Much will depend on how well you are in tune to Pluto’s energies. Some feel its energies 3-5° approaching and until about 2° past direct when the energies are dissipating. It usually takes a couple of years to understand what has unfolded and for life to settle into its new direction.

The beauty is that the square’s energies are challenging enough that we are forced into action because we want resolution due to discomfort. You may feel you are at the mercy of life with little control and other times you will know exactly what to do. There will likely be outside responses to what is unfolding because when the Ascendant is involved, things are out in the open. People will see what is transpiring and may also have an impact on what is taking place.

This will likely be a challenging time when the aspect becomes direct. However, it is important to realize that change, although disruptive, is what is needed. The time is ripe for it. You may not feel ready, or you may be afraid of what this change will look like but know that it will take you where you need to go. Over time you will appreciate your new situation.

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