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The transit of Pluto to your natal Mars can be a very volatile combination. The conjunction, square and opposition although different in their release of energy, all can have powerful ramifications and should not be dismissed lightly.

This combination is powerful, influential, and often suggests energies that translate into aggressive behaviour. This can come from outside forces, such as another individual, especially if it is an opposition.

Squares indicate action and if someone else is part of the experience then perhaps not getting involved in any arguments and disruptions is a good idea. Violent behaviour is often associated with this combination and getting out of the way of an aggressive individual would be a good idea. This can also be related to sexual encounters or violence on many levels. Worst case possibilities can speak of very challenging conditions, although there needs to be other indicators in the chart suggesting something similar. It takes three or more indicators of something similar in action before energies are considered influential.

Mars with Pluto has been linked to accidents and sometimes this speaks of sharp objects being involved, other times this can speak of car accidents. Never drive your car after a heated argument. Find ways to calm down before you decide to drive.

There are often power struggles with this square and the important piece of information about this combination is that squares push you to act, and if the energy is directed properly, you will seek a solution to the problem.

If this is a new relationship then often the fifth house is part of the picture, perhaps the act of sex has a powerful influence on what is taking hold. Perhaps aggressive force is part of the drive behind this union. Watch for being taken advantage of by a more aggressive individual and make sure that this is the road you want to take, as it could get out of hand. Some find this attractive; others find this repulsive. Much will depend on your own personal feelings about this type of interchange.

Pluto wants control and seeks power and if the second house is part of the picture there may be a need to dominate and overpower which can lead to feelings of insecurity and defeat. Continuing with the second house, there may also be finances involved and security may stem from this area of life. Perhaps the other individual has a lot of influence in the area of personal wealth. There can be manipulation using sub-conscious motivations which affect you in mysterious ways. This could be part of the profile if your Mars is in the twelfth and Pluto is in the second.

Mars is about drive and ambition and when in the twelfth house there may be a push to find and relate to life’s mysteries and the psychic realm.

There are many different expressions and the whole chart would need to be carefully reviewed to get a clear picture of what is unfolding.

Do not forget this can last several years as Pluto moves slowly through the Zodiac. Pay attention but do not let fear control the situation. If you are being manipulated and are experiencing aggressive behaviour, remove yourself from danger.

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