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Transiting Pluto is currently in the sign of Capricorn and will remain in this sign for approximately another seven years. Those that are born with their Sun in Libra or with their Sun in Aries from approximately 8 to 29 degrees will be experiencing this square in their birth charts, at one point or another. Remember, check the house position of transiting Pluto, the house position of your natal Sun and the house cusp that is ruled by Scorpio to get a clearer picture of what areas of life are affected by this aspect.

Pluto is known to purge and to assist in uncovering different facets of life. It helps you to uncover information that needs an honest review and then expects that you make appropriate changes as necessary. Pluto often brings an end to conditions in order for something new to emerge.

Pluto in the square aspect often produces challenging conditions and also stimulates action particularly when it comes to your goals in life and who you are as an individual.

Pluto will test your resolve and your self-control. Its energies will push you ahead in life when it comes to ambition. Pluto can be somewhat relentless as it moves through the areas of life represented by the house positions involved. There is often power struggles as your “will” is being tested. If you force your opinions on others during this time, you will more than likely experience much opposition. If, however, you are working for the general good for those involved, you may find that you do not have much disagreement coming from outside sources.

The Sun deals with your life’s objectives and the will to move ahead. The ego is stimulated during transits to the Sun and it will seem very important to have things right. There will be those that are opposed to your objectives, but you must stand strong in the face of opposition and follow what you believe in, unless of course you are not allowing others to provide you with necessary information. If you try to avoid what this aspect is attempting to convey to you, life might challenge you through more difficult conditions and force you into action. Pluto is relentless and its lessons are necessary.

Under extreme conditions (this would only apply if there are other factors in the chart suggesting the same overall picture) you may find that you feel over-burdened and that you cannot continue along the same path. This can lead to nervous disorders and an undoing of sorts which can be hard to put back together. If by chance you fit into this category, seriously consider seeking professional assistance as a little assistance would make this aspect easier to handle. Although squares are always considered challenging, it is up to us to handle these energies and take whatever action is appropriate for the situation. Fighting these energies creates difficulty; recognizing the need for change and moving on this recognition, creates much easier flow.

This transit is in place to build character and strength. The energies can be used to assist you in many ways.

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