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Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn and will remain in this sign until it finally moves into Aquarius and stays there towards the end of 2024 and into 2025. For those individuals with this trine to Pluto, the houses where you find your natal Moon, transiting Pluto and natal Pluto will define the areas of life that are being affected by this transit of Pluto. You will also have to look at the aspects within the natal chart to your Moon (especially tight configurations) as this will provide more information to help you analyse the potential from this transit.

Pluto in trine is favourable under most conditions and suggests easy flow, good luck and growth through transformation in the areas of home, family and change that is now calling for action. The Moon in some cases also speaks of the Mother and is also related to your emotions and your emotional interaction due to conditions at hand.

You may experience changes within the family. Sometimes this speaks of additions to the family circle, marriage potential, growth opportunities and positive changes. The home may undergo transformations; some redecorate or renovations while others go deeper and buy or sell their homes.

When it comes to the Mother and if the home is involved, she may buy or sell her home or if she is older, she may move into a retirement home. Changes are in store within the family unit and in most cases this is quite positive and growth oriented. Trines are considered favourable aspects and are the energies that we wait for.

Pluto is the agent of change and deep seated transformation. In many cases circumstances come to an end and something new and more appropriate replaces what was in place for perhaps many years. However, the change that takes place is often felt or known before it actually occurs. There is a need for change which when connected to the Moon may suggest emotional responsive changes. Perhaps after careful review, you decide to change the way you look at things from an emotional perspective. Maybe a change in perspective is required or the way you allow emotions to control situations.

This can be a period of uplifting emotional expression in very positive ways after challenging emotional situations. No matter what, we learn from these experiences and this is often how we formulate new and more affirmative ways of looking through the lens at life.

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