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When writing this post (Aug/23) transiting Pluto is in the final stages of Capricorn. It moves into Aquarius in early 2024, but moves into retrograde and returns back into Capricorn. After this final pass into Capricorn, Pluto remains in Aquarius as of November, 2024.

The information in this post will affect those with their Sun in Gemini and Libra and those with their Sun in the late degrees of Taurus and Virgo. For some 20 years, Pluto will move slowly through Aquarius. Check your ephemeris to note if/when your Sun sign will be affected.

For those experiencing this transit, it may be letting go of the familiar and knowing that change is inevitable. These changes, often total and complete, suggest times of personal growth and expansion. Your sense of self can go through many significant changes as you move in a new direction. You may feel as though you have more individual control over your destiny, with a personal sense of power and a new sense of direction.

Your self-confidence is subject to great growth and many transformations are at hand, but they will take time and often require that you, as mentioned, let go of what was in place prior to this expansive and transformative time.

Pluto is about endings, completely new beginnings and moving forward through major transformation and regeneration because this new road is much more in line with where you need to be. In most cases this is a very positive time although often quite tumultuous, as there will be power struggles at times, but renewed self-confidence is often a by-product of moving in this new direction.

Evolutionary changes are at hand, and this can be very personal. Your path in life may change and you may find that what you thought was the way forward no longer applies. Much will depend on the houses involved in your chart as these will be the areas of life affected.

It will likely take some 2-3 years for the whole process to unfold and there may be glitches along the way but in general the changes are progressive and evolutionary. You will be wise to go with the flow when Pluto is involved.

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