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For the remainder of this year, Transiting Pluto will be in the late 16 degree and the mid 19 degree range in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto’s orb of influence is 5 degrees approaching and two degrees separating. Anyone with their Sun in Taurus or Sun in Virgo will be feeling the impact of Transiting Pluto in their lives. If you have your Sun between 11 degrees to 21 degrees in either of these signs then this transit will affect you. Those that are highly susceptible to the energies of Pluto may feel this even 10 degrees approaching as opposed to the normal 5 degrees.

Pluto often begins its influence through subtle nudges asking you to have a look at your life. If Pluto in your chart is in the earth sign of Capricorn this could related to business, occupation, life goals and ambitions, as well as your health particularly if the Ascendant or sixth house is being influenced.

These subtle emerging nudges are suggestive of a need to transform or regenerate areas of life. Do you see the potential to move ahead in your career? Do you sense that there might be business opportunities or advancements on a personal level? Do you feel the need to get into a more healthy lifestyle by perhaps losing weight or through an exercise programmes? If so, this will be the year to take advantage of the energies that Pluto is providing.

If you are at the appropriate stage of evolution in your life, you may now be doing some reviewing and feel a push to make advancement on some level as part of your journey. The trine stimulates this and will offer opportunities in these directions. It will represent ease in flow, advancement of your objectives and some good fortune and luck. This is not always the case, however. We always have to look at the overall condition of the natal chart when deciphering what potential lies ahead, but the energy of the trine usually helps things along or pushes things forward a little more rapidly than without this influence.

You may find that you are going within and finding more confidence to move forward in your life (and the energies do seem appropriate to do just that). You may find that if you are working for an organization that you have the opportunity to have more authority or responsibility or that you have suddenly become noticed by your superiors for all the hard work that you have been doing. Acknowledgement is possible and your relationships with your superiors may be in a better place than they might have been in the past. These relationships are likely to improve, which in turn will help you with your intentions.

In many cases, the physical body is likely to increase in vitality, and health may be subject to improvement, especially if you are leaning towards a more healthy way of living. Now is the time to take great strides with your health which will have long lasting effects. What you do now will stay with you for a long time as long as you are persistent. You are building your body at a core level.

Make sure you take advantage of these energies. This is the type of tool astrology is. It provides you with upcoming potentials that you can prepare for and use to your advantage. Without this knowledge you may not notice that the energies are pointing in any given direction until much later in the transit and you may have wasted important time that could have been utilized much earlier.

As mentioned, the energies at first may be subtle but over time they will increase and push you in the direction that you should be taking. Of course, the use of these energies is your choice. It is primarily up to you whether or not you use them appropriately and to your advantage.


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