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Transiting Pluto is currently in the sign of Capricorn, and because of its slow movement, it will remain in trine to many of those with their Sun in Virgo for many years (depending on the degree of their Sun). Pluto moves about one degree each year and its influence is deep and often its effects are very profound. Pluto’s energy brings about transformation as it pushes issues to the surface that need to be dealt with. When in line with the Sun, its energy speaks in terms of inner qualities that you may have kept hidden or decided for one reason or another not to deal with over time. Now is the time when these inner issues may surface and insist on being faced.

Since the aspect between the Sun and Pluto is a trine, the opportunity for releasing these ideologies or issues and making concrete and significant alterations can be profound. The energies that are present will be favourable and you can now, after releasing any unwanted emotions or issues, express yourself in a more constructive manner. There is great power in the transformations taking place in your life and can also be used for personal development. Your evolution will be strongly influenced by what you do with your life during this aspect. Your personal insight is also enhanced and any changes you make on a personal level can be quite favourable.

Since the Sun reflects your goals in life and your aspirations, now is the time to move towards any objectives that you might have in mind, particularly if you have been pondering them for some time. The timing may not have been right in the past but it is right now. Have a look at other influences in your chart to ensure there is nothing counteracting this energy. This is a particularly positive time for advancement in the professional field, especially if Jupiter or Venus is involved in the equation. Also have a look at the current condition of your progressed Sun.

You will find that you have a lot of drive, and success comes from taking advantage of these opportunities while the energies are flowing freely. The Sun can also relate to your father and he may have these opportunities emerging in his life at this time. Much, of course, depends on the condition of his natal chart, too.

Health and vitality will also be influenced by this trine, especially because Virgo is the sign we are focused on. Virgo is very much focused on the health of the body, exercise routines, eating habits and consciousness related to the body. If there has been any ongoing issues related to health, this is often a good time for regeneration and vitality to surface. Astrological trines are considered easy flowing aspects. They remove blockages and allow the energies to flow more freely. This is a great time to begin an exercise programme and dedicate some time to look after your body’s needs. Setting things in motion now can have long lasting effects later on in your life. It is the time to push ahead.

With the Sun in Virgo, make sure you take advantage of the energies present in your life, especially now. This is a useful and transformative aspect that will regenerate many areas of life. Do not squander this opportunity.

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